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Health Sciences Authority

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Important Message to Blood Donors:

Visitors to the Bloodbank@HSA, please see here for the latest updates on parking and road works.


DonorCare@HSA gives you the convenience of making your donation appointment online. Donors can also update their personal particulars in the comfort of their own home by using DonorCare@HSA.

SingPass is required to login to DonorCare@HSA.

Have made an appointment? You can now check your appointment on HealthHub

As a new Blood Bank Computer System has just been implemented, there may be some discrepancies in donor data. Please inform us if you encounter any errors, thank you.

Information for Blood Donors

Overseas-Travel-Deferral  updated on 8 May 2012

Before you proceed to book your appointment, please read the latest overseas travel deferral criteria if you:

  • have lived outside Singapore previously; 
  • have recently returned from abroad;
  • are a frequently traveller.

Making Donation




Blood Donor Health Assessment Questionnaire

  1. Health assessment questionnaire (English)
  2. Health assessment questionnaire (Chinese)
  3. Health assessment questionnaire (Malay)
  4. Health assessment questionnaire (Tamil)


  1. Give Feedback on Donorcare@HSA