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This application is a service of the Singapore Government.

Health Sciences Authority

Our Value Proposition


HSAians are driven by a sense of duty to protect and safeguard Singapore's public health and safety through the important role they play in ensuring: a safe and adequate blood supply; safe, quality and efficacious health products; and prompt and reliable analytical and forensic services to support the administration of justice. The desire to provide ‘Service to the Nation' is what drives many HSAians to strive for regulatory, scientific and service excellence and gives them a great sense of job satisfaction.

HSAians are held in high regard for their professionalism and pride in their work, and we have grown in stature both at home and abroad as a science-based and science-led organisation. You will be part of an organisation that is well-regarded and recognised by both international and regional partners and organisations.

Every HSAian is kept up-to-date in their respective fields of profession, through a suite of learning and developmental opportunities are made available to all staff. This spans the scientific functions, as well as areas covering public policy making, legal frameworks and the enhancement of leadership skills through HSA's talent management programme.