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This application is a service of the Singapore Government.

Health Sciences Authority

Company Registration for e-Services (CRIS)

Client Registration and Identification Service - cris@hsa

With cris@hsa, companies can authorise their employees or service providers to carry out electronic transactions with HSA on the companies' behalf.

Once authorisation has been granted through CRIS, employees or service providers can then access MEDICS or PRISM using their SingPass or HSA PIN.

The estimated time to complete form: 5-10 mins

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Apply for CRIS

To access CRIS, companies first have to appoint a company CRIS administrator.

Company directors/sole proprietors whose names are listed with ACRA can submit an application form to HSA to nominate at least 2 company CRIS administrators.

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Update CRIS User Account Information

HSA should be notified of any changes in a company's CRIS account within 7 working days. These include changes in:

  • Company CRIS administrator e.g. revoking of existing administrator/appointment of new administrator; or
  • Business activities e.g. medicinal products, tobacco.

Click here to amend CRIS User Account information.