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Health Sciences Authority

Implementation of CorpPass for HSA E-Services

Implementation of CorpPass for HSA E-Services in PRISM/MEDICS with effect from 2 May 2017

Important Note:

  • "CorpPass" will be the required login method by December 2017. Please register for "CorpPass" soon if your company has not already done so.
  • More information can be found at



Singapore Corporate Access (CorpPass) is a corporate digital identity for businesses to transact online with government agencies. CorpPass has been progressively implemented by various government agencies from Sep 2016.

HSA E-Services in PRISM/MEDICS will be made available on CorpPass from 2 May 2017. (Do note that companies/business entities must register a CorpPass account by 3Q 2018 to ensure continued access to HSA E-Services.)

More information can be obtained from the CorpPass website.



The key points to note on the implementation of CorpPass for HSA E-Services in PRISM/MEDICS are highlighted below:

1. Companies/Business Entities WITH CRIS Accounts

There will be no immediate impacts on companies/business entities who currently have CRIS Accounts with HSA. During the transition period from 2 May 2017 to 31 Dec 2017, both SingPass and CorpPass can be used to login to PRISM/MEDICS.

To login using CorpPass, a CorpPass User account must be set up by the company’s CorpPass Administrator*. The roles in CRIS Account of exisitng users remain unchanged.

However, as CorpPass will eventually replace SingPass for business transactions with the government, companies/business entities are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the usage of CorpPass.

*CorpPass administrators are person(s) who are appointed by the company/business entity. More information can be obtained from the CorpPass website.

2. Companies/Business Entities WITHOUT CRIS Accounts  

With effect from 2 May 2017, CRIS Account applications can only be made using CorpPass. With this change, HSA has streamlined the application process/requirements as summarised below.

CRIS Account application process/requirements Current From 2 May 2017
Who can submit CRIS Account application Business owner, Company Director/Secretary who is registered with ACRA CorpPass Administrator of the business entity/company
Login mechanism SingPass CorpPass
Documents to be attached Scanned copy of the following documents:
  • ACRA BIZ Profile
  • NRIC/S-Pass/Employment Pass/Work Permit of Applicant
  • NRIC/S-Pass/Employment Pass/Work Permit of person(s) authorized as CRIS Account administrator(s)
No documents required to be attached with CRIS Account application
Processing time 4 working days

Approved upon submission
Note: Application must be in order and submitted by CorpPass Administrator.
Amendment of Business Activities listed in PRISM/MEDICS Amendment application is required to add/delete business activities. No amendment application is required to add/delete business activities.
Note: All business activities listed in PRISM/MEDICS will be on open access.



The CorpPass Team is conducting monthly briefings for the public to learn about CorpPass. Details as follow:

Announcement Date
Monthly briefing sessions by CorpPass Click here to register for the briefing session.

For more information, click here.
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You may refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.



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