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This application is a service of the Singapore Government.

Health Sciences Authority

Implementation of CorpPass for HSA E-Services

Implementation of CorpPass for HSA E-Services in PRISM/MEDICS with effect from 2 May 2017


Singapore Corporate Access (CorpPass) is a corporate digital identity for businesses to transact online with government agencies. CorpPass has been progressively implemented by various government agencies from Sep 2016.

More information can be obtained from the CorpPass website.

HSA E-Services in PRISM/MEDICS will be made available on CorpPass from 2 May 2017.



The key points to note on the implementation of CorpPass for HSA E-Services in PRISM/MEDICS are highlighted below:

1. Companies/Business Entities WITH CRIS Accounts

There will be no immediate impacts on companies/business entities who currently have CRIS Accounts with HSA. During the transition period from now to 31 Dec 2017, both SingPass and CorpPass can be used to login to PRISM/MEDICS.

However, as CorpPass will eventually replace SingPass for business transactions with the government, companies/business entities are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the usage of CorpPass.

2. Companies/Business Entities WITHOUT CRIS Accounts  

With effect from 2 May 2017, CRIS Account applications can only be made using CorpPass. With this change, HSA has streamlined the application process/requirements as summarised below.

CRIS Account application process/requirements Current From 2 May 2017
Who can submit CRIS Account application Business owner, Company Director/Secretary who is registered with ACRA CorpPass Administrator of the business entity/company
Login mechanism SingPass CorpPass
Documents to be attached Scanned copy of the following documents:
  • ACRA BIZ Profile
  • NRIC/S-Pass/Employment Pass/Work Permit of Applicant
  • NRIC/S-Pass/Employment Pass/Work Permit of person(s) authorized as CRIS Account administrator(s)
No documents required to be attached with CRIS Account application
Processing time 4 working days

Approved upon submission
Note: Application must be in order and submitted by CorpPass Administrator.
Amendment of Business Activities listed in PRISM/MEDICS Amendment application is required to add/delete business activities. No amendment application is required to add/delete business activities.
Note: All business activities listed in PRISM/MEDICS will be on open access.



The CorpPass Team is conducting monthly briefings for the public to learn about CorpPass. Details as follow:

Announcement Date
Monthly briefing sessions by CorpPass Click here to register for the briefing session.

For more information, click here.
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