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I need to bring some medicines for my own use when I travel to Singapore. Am I allowed to bring them?

You may bring in medicines such as those for high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes for personal use without a licence if the quantity is less than a three-month supply. Some other medicines, such as anti-anxiety pills, sleeping pills and stronger painkillers, may need an import licence. Please check if your medicine’s ingredients are listed in the list of Controlled Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Appendix A). If they are, you will need to apply for an import licence to bring them into Singapore. You are not allowed to import medicines containing prohibited substances listed in the HSA's website.

What should I do if my medicine contains ingredients listed in Appendix A?

You will need to complete and submit the application form together with supporting documents stated in the application form at least 10 working days before your arrival.

My medicines contain controlled drugs / psychotropic substances but I am arriving in Singapore in less than 10 working days. What should I do?

Please submit your application as soon as possible, with complete supporting documents including your doctor’s letter/ prescription, passport page with personal details and flight tickets. The application form can be downloaded here.

The supporting documents I have are in my own country’s language and not in English. What should I do?

As far as possible, please provide an accurate translation of the documents in English to facilitate processing of your application.

Do I need to declare my medicines when I arrive in Singapore?

You may refer to Singapore Customs website for more information on declaration of medicines.

I will be staying in Singapore for more than three months for work / study and will need more than a three-month supply of medicines. What should I do?

You may submit an application to us and we will review it based on the merits of the case. 

The application form can be downloaded here.

Am I allowed to buy medicines from overseas for my own use?

You may do so if the criteria stated on HSA’s website have been met. However, medicines imported from overseas have not been assessed by HSA for their safety, efficacy and quality. You are therefore advised to obtain your medicines through a pharmacist or a doctor in Singapore.  For more information on the risks of buying health products from overseas, you may refer to HSA’s consumer guides.

Am I allowed to bring Nicotine replacement products into Singapore?

You may only bring in Singapore-registered Nicotine chewing gums (printed with the Singapore registration number on the packaging). This is mainly applicable for individuals who purchased the Nicotine chewing gums in Singapore and brought it overseas, and eventually carried the balance back to Singapore.

Other nicotine replacement products such as nicotine lozenges, spray and patches are allowed to be imported, subject to the criteria stated on HSA’s website.

What is meant by import for ‘personal medical use’?

Import for ‘personal medical use’ refers to importing for your own medical use or your family member’s medical use. It does not include import for animal use or import for friends.

If I have further questions on bringing in medications for personal use, who can I contact?

You may email us at for assistance on personal imports of medicines.

For more information on personal import of complementary health products, please email