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Guidance for Importing Medicinal Products into Singapore for Personal Medical Use

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This guidance document issued by the Health Products Regulation Group, Health Sciences Authority, provides the current regulatory requirements for medicinal products to be imported into Singapore for personal medical use.

Medicinal products containing controlled substances

If the medicinal products you are importing into Singapore contain any controlled substance listed in Appendix A, you are required to apply for prior approval from the Health Products Regulation Group, Health Sciences Authority, Singapore.

To apply for approval, please download this application form and submit the completed form with the necessary supporting documents at least ten working days before the arrival date by:

  • Email to:
  • Fax to: (65) 64789068; or
  • Mail to:
    Audit and Licensing Division
    Health Products Regulation Group
    Health Sciences Authority 
    150 Cantonment Road, Cantonment Centre 
    Blk A, #01-02, Singapore 089762

Upon approval, the licence/permit will be sent to you through email / fax.

The following documents and information are required to be submitted with your application:

  1. Names, strengths and dosages of the medicinal products (both trade/brand names and names of active ingredients contained in the products)
  2. Total quantity of each medicinal product to be imported into Singapore
  3. A copy of your doctor's letter or prescription verifying for
    i)  the need for the medicinal products
    ii) the total quantity of the medicinal products to be imported into Singapore 
  4. A copy of your travel itinerary indicating intended arrival and departure dates into/from Singapore (applicable for visiting tourists)
  5. A copy of your passport page with personal particulars
  6. Your contact details (address, phone/fax number, and/or email)

Medicinal products not containing any controlled substance

If the medicinal products you are importing do not contain any controlled substance listed in Appendix A, you may import quantities not exceeding 3 months' supply without seeking prior approval from HSA.

For prescription medicinal products, you are required to have the necessary supporting documents, namely, a letter from your doctor and/or a copy of the prescription as proof that the medicinal products are for your personal medical use. The individual shall take full responsibility for the use of these medicinal products in accordance with the instructions given by the prescribing doctor.

Medicinal products containing Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine

There are restrictions on the import and export of medicinal products containing Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine. For such medicinal products, the total quantity imported must not exceed 21.6 g of Ephedrine and/or Pseudoephedrine and for the purpose of own consumption or consumption of any other person. For clarifications, please contact the Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore at email: or Tel: +65 6557 3229.

Routine check upon arrival

If you are bringing in the medicinal products with your personal belongings, you are not required to declare them upon your arrival in Singapore. However, as Customs Officers may perform routine checks, please have all the supporting documents ready with you for verification when requested.

You are reminded not to sell or supply the medicinal products to anyone in Singapore. For tourists visiting Singapore, please bring the remaining medicinal products with you when you leave Singapore.

Availability of medicinal products in Singapore

If you need additional supplies of medicinal products while you are in Singapore, please seek advice from a pharmacist to verify whether the medicinal products require prescriptions in Singapore. You would need to consult a medical doctor in Singapore to obtain the medicinal products or a prescription to purchase them from pharmacies.

If the medicinal products you need are not registered in Singapore and there are no suitable alternatives available locally, the doctor in Singapore may seek approval from the Therapeutic Products Branch, Pre-Marketing Division, Health Products Regulation GroupHSA MedProd Enquiry (HSA) ( for a permit to import the medicinal products.



For further clarification, please email your enquiry to the Health Sciences Authority's information service at:

Alternatively, you may call Tel. (65) 6866 3522 or (65) 6866 3592 for assistance.


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