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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  1. I intend to import a cosmetic product for local sale. Do I need to apply for any licences?
    With the implementation of the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive, there is no requirement for product, manufacturer and import licences. Instead, the company responsible for placing the cosmetic product in the market must notify the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) before placing the product in the market. This may be done online at PRISM.

    In order to access PRISM, you are required to apply for the Client Registration and Identification Services (CRIS) which is a service provided to enable clients to authorize employees and service providers to transact on behalf of the company.

    The product can only be marketed after the notification has been sent to HSA and acknowledgement received. Acknowledgement is an immediate process upon successful submission of the notification.

    For details on the Control of Cosmetic Products, please click here.

  2. After filing a product notification and receiving acknowledgement from the Health Sciences Authority, does it mean that the product is approved for sale by the authority?
    Acknowledgement of a product notification does not constitute, in any way, an agreement that the product meets all the regulatory requirements. The onus is on the company responsible for placing the product in the market to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the Directive.
  3.  Can an overseas company notify the Health Sciences Authority?
    No, only a company registered with the registry of Companies and Businesses in Singapore can file a product notification.
  4.  If my product has been notified to another ASEAN member Country, is it exempted from notification to Singapore?
    No, you will need to notify the HSA. If you intend to market the product in 3 ASEAN countries, you will have to notify the regulatory authority of the respective 3 ASEAN countries. 
  5. I intend to set up a factory to manufacture/assemble cosmetics in Singapore. What are the requirements?
    All cosmetic products manufactured in Singapore must comply with the ASEAN GMP Guidelines.
    Please contact the Manufacturing and Quality Audit Division, Health Products Regulation Group, 150 Cantonment Road, Cantonment Centre, Blk A, #01-02, Singapore 089762 if you need further clarification. Tel: (65)-6866 3510/ (65)-6866 3516; E-mail:
  6. Must I send my cosmetic products for testing?
    Under the cosmetic legislation, you will need to send your cosmetic product for specified tests and bear the expenses incurred, as required by the Health Sciences Authority. 

  7.  I would like to advertise my cosmetic product. What do I need to comply with?
    You do not need an advertisement permit to advertise your cosmetic product. However, the onus is on you to ensure that you hold adequate evidence to substantiate all product claims.  Any advertisement should also comply with the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice of the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS).
  8. Does each individual shade of a range of a cosmetic product require a separate notification number?
    Yes. Each shade has a unique formula and shade name and is considered a separate product from the other shades. Hence separate notification number will be given for each individual shade. However, notification of the different shades can be submitted in a single notification form.
  9. Can you explain what are the various product presentations that are used in the online form for product notification?

    Please use the following link for an explanation of the 4 presentation types:- Product Presentation Type.

  10. What is a batch reference?
    The ‘batch reference' is a code (numeric, alphanumeric etc) that is assigned by the manufacturer to his cosmetic product to enable him to track the production history of every batch produced. It is a vital component in the recall of unsafe or defective cosmetic products.  
  11. Where do I get more information on the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD)?
    Please click here for Information on the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD).

    Information on the ACD and a General Information Booklet on the ASEAN Harmonised Cosmetic Regulatory Scheme can also be found under the Cosmetic Sector of the ASEAN Secretariat website. Click here to access the website.

  12. What is a service provider?

    A service provider is an independent party who drafts and makes a submission on behalf of a company.

  13. What is an authorised agent?

    A company which is authorised by the product owner to place the cosmetic products in the local market for supply or sale.

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