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Blood Donation

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Every year in Singapore, 100 000 units of blood are needed to treat the ill and injured.

We need your help.


  • Why We Need More Donors

    With an aging population and more complex medical procedures, the demand for blood is increasing

  • What Can I Donate?

    While you have probably heard of blood donations, did you know that there is another type of donation known as apheresis?

  • Can I Donate?

    Find out if you are able to make a donation, and save a life. Regular donors can also learn more about their dietary recommendations here.

  • Where to Donate

    Make an e-Appointment to give blood, and learn what you should do before and after your donation.

  • Donating Blood for Myself

    Autologous blood transfusion is the process of donating blood to yourself. Find out when you might need to do that.

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