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Singapore Red Cross and Bloodbank@HSA Call for Continued Blood Donations

Singapore, 18 June 2010 – The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) and the Bloodbank@HSA are calling all blood donors who are due for their donation, to come forward to donate this weekend.

2  As of today, the national blood stock level is about 1,400 units, enough for the next three to four days. However, to ensure our ability to continue to meet the daily transfusion needs and bleeding emergencies, we aim to bring the current bloodstock level to at least six days' supply of 1,800 units. (This means that we will need the support of about 750 donors over this weekend.)

3  There has been a consistent dip in blood stocks level over the past ten days. This is due to an increase in hospital utilisation and a decrease in blood collection in view of the school holidays. Compounded by the recent wet weather, these have caused a significant depletion of the national stockpiles, which needs to be ramped up in order to meet the daily transfusion needs of patients as well as for bleeding emergencies.

4  The daily national blood stock is monitored closely by SRC and Bloodbank@HSA. Given the current dip in the various blood types, HSA is closely monitoring the blood usage by the hospitals, and SRC is working with bloodmobile organisers to mobilise their staff/members/ volunteers to come forward. SRC, as the national blood donor recruiter, has been issuing SMSes to recall blood donors, especially those who are due for their next blood donation, since 8 June. However, response has been slow. This blood appeal is an additional measure to call on potential blood donors to come forward to ramp up the stockpile. As blood can only be kept for a limited period of time, we seek the support of blood donors to help us ensure a constant supply of blood. 

5  In Singapore, more than 350 units are needed daily to meet the transfusion needs of patients in hospitals. The Singapore Red Cross, in partnership with the Bloodbank@HSA have enabled our national blood needs to be comfortably met over the years, with the exception of the usual seasonal dip in blood stocks during festive periods and school holidays.

Blood Donors Urged to Come Forward
All healthy individuals between 16 and 60 years, weighing at least 45kg, are urged to come forward to help. Donors who have not made a donation in the past 12 weeks are encouraged to donate as well.

The public can donate blood at the Bloodbank@HSA located at 11 Outram Road [opposite Outram Park MRT Station]. The opening hours are as follows:

Tuesdays to Thursdays    9.00am to 6.30pm
Fridays                           9.00am to 8.00pm
Saturdays                       9.00am to 4.30pm
Sundays                         9.00am to 2.00pm
Closed on Mondays and public holidays

The public can also donate blood at our community bloodmobiles. Details of the community mobiles are available online at Those who wish to donate can call the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) at 62200183 for more details.

Donors need to bring their NRIC [for Singaporeans], or passport [for non-Singaporeans].

Those who have not donated blood before in Singapore can visit or call SRC at 62200183 for more information on the blood donation criteria or to make an appointment for blood donation.

Please visit to view Singapore's national blood stocks indicator. The alert level in the indicator and the corresponding stock level are as follow:

Alert Level in Blood Stocks Indicator

Blood Stock Level

Green (Healthy)At least 6 days and more
Yellow (Low) 4 to 6 days 
Yellow (Very Low) 3 to 4 days
Red (Critical) Less than 3 days

18 JUNE 2010

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