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14 February 2011 - CLAY ART PROJECT : HSA Volunteers Help Katong Students Unleash Their Inner "Rodin"

The Health Sciences Authority's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project will help raise awareness of training and education for students with mild intellectual disability. As a project that began in 2010, funds raised will contribute to educational programmes for students with special needs.

2   On the 15th of Feburary 2011, CEO of Health Sciences Authority Dr John Lim, will be unveiling an art project jointly collaborated with APSN Katong students, along with 37 volunteers from HSA. The event's centerpiece, made up of 40 art pieces, will be showcased on a wall at APSN's Katong School, at 900 New Upper Changi Road.

3   "We welcome all corporate organisations to be involved with the work of APSN. Through diverse ways, they help advance the welfare of our students and clients. ”stated Dr Francis C. Chen, President of APSN.

4   “The students appreciate the being one-on-one with the clay and having the opportunity to build something on their own.” said Mrs Choo Swee Gek, Katong School's Principal. “It is heart-warming to see the volunteers encouraging the students to persevere and complete their creative expressions”

5   “HSA places strong emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility. We encourage all our staff to volunteer in helping our community and protecting the environment in whatever ways we can,” says Dr John Lim, CEO, HSA.

6   HSA's volunteers have raised $2640 for the school, through the adoption of individual tile art pieces, as part of their CSR efforts. The ongoing project has been a showcase of the students' creativity with clay art, as well as strengthened the organisation's strong bond with the community.

7   The Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) is a voluntary welfare organization catering to persons with mild intellectual disability. Its schools and centres provide special education for persons with intellectual disability (IQ 50 – 70) through a holistic approach in the development of academic, vocational and social skills.

8   APSN Katong School caters specifically to children with mild intellectual disability between the ages of 7 to 17 years old. The school has been providing students with knowledge, skills and mindsets that are applicable for future work and independent living. To this end, the staff and teachers have helped students by increasing their learning capacity, molding their character, developing their talents in the aesthetics and sports, and equipping them with employability skills.

9   HSA is proud to be associated with APSN Katong School in this meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnership. HSA's CSR initiatives aim to promote a caring culture within the organisation by encouraging staff volunteerism toward caring for our community and the preservation of our environment.


9.30 amArrival of Guest of Honour,
CEO of HSA, Dr John Lim

Lion Dance Performance

Unveiling of Artwork
Welcome Entourage to receive Dr. Lim at the foyer with lion dance
1) Dr Francis C. Chen, President, APSN
2) Dr Chey Chor Khoon, Executive Director, APSN
3) Mrs Choo Swee Gek, Principal, Katong School
4) Pupils (those who did the clay art)

Dr Francis Chen, Dr John Lim , Dr Chey and Mrs Choo will unveil the artwork.
9.45 amWelcome Address by President, APSN, Dr Francis C.Chen

Speech by Guest of Honour
Dr. John Lim

9.50 amThe World is a RainbowDance & Song
10 amTDD Powerpoint Presentation
-“Home – Keeping it Together”
-TDD Music Video
(The Singapore Song)
10.10amMo Li Hua
-Introduction by club member

10.20am United as OneFusion Dance
10.30amGrand Finale
-song titled “Home”
All performers will sing together while holding pom poms.
10.40amReception @ the canteen

14 FEBRUARY 2011

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