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Health Sciences Authority



Chemical Metrology FAQs

What is Chemical Metrology?

Chemical Metrology (or Metrology in Chemistry) is the science of achieving accurate, traceable and comparable data in chemical and biological measurements. It involves the development and implementation of a national infrastructure to facilitate traceability of chemical measurements to the International System of Units (SI). 

What proficiency testing programmes do you offer?

We offer proficiency testing programmes for food and water testing laboratories. We also offer an external quality assessment programme for clinical laboratories. Information on our upcoming programmes is given on the HSA’s website.

How do I participate in a HSA proficiency testing programme?

Our proficiency testing programmes are extended to all local testing laboratories. Invitations for participation are sent to the laboratories if a relevant programme is organised. If your laboratory wishes to participate in any of our upcoming proficiency testing programmes, please write to us at

Can I suggest a proficiency testing programme?

We welcome suggestions on proficiency testing programmes which are relevant to your areas of work. You can email your suggestions to

What training courses do you offer?

We offer training courses on measurement uncertainty for chemical measurements. For further information, please write to us at

What Certified Reference Materials do you offer?

A list of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are available from HSA. These materials can be used for validation of methods or as calibration standards and quality controls.

A comprehensive Certificate of Analysis is provided with each CRM. The CRMs available can be found on the HSA’s website.