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Coroner's Cases


Coroner's Cases

What is a Coroner’s Case

The death investigation system in Singapore requires that all deaths which occur suddenly without a known cause or are suspected to be due to unnatural cause(s) are reportable to the Coroner.

The Role of the Police Investigating Officer

Each Coroner's Case will have a Police Investigating Officer (IO) assigned. The IO would conduct the necessary interviews with the NOK and guide the NOK on necessary procedures on processing the Coroner's Case.


Forensic Medicine Division advises the State Coroner as to whether an autopsy would be recommended in the determination of the cause(s) of death and documentation of injuries.

If an autopsy is authorised by the Coroner, FMD would proceed to carry out the necessary examinations at the Mortuary@HSA to provide further inputs into the investigation of the death. The findings at the autopsy become part of the evidence adduced subsequently in Coroner's Inquiries and criminal trials.

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