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Health Sciences Authority

Research and Commercial Cases

Research and Development

research_developmentForensic Chemistry and Physics Laboratory (FCPL) staff undertake R&D in order to acquire new knowledge directed towards specific practical objectives and problems. We harness the latest ideas and instrumental technologies, devise new applications, and keep pace with customer needs and expectations. Staff regularly present papers in overseas and local forensic science conferences.




Commercial Cases

commercial_casesFCPL is a neutral impartial agency serving needs in the justice system. However, our expertise in chemical analysis and comparison of trace amounts of unknown materials and mixtures is available for a fee to commercial firms such as insurers, pharmaceutical companies, the manufacturing industry and healthcare clinics as well as to individuals. Our scientists critically analyse and define problems; and provide scientific solutions.

Please contact us to discuss how our wide-ranging expertise and analytical capabilities can be customised to serve your needs.



Some examples of recent work undertaken for private companies are:

  • Insurance applications such as fire debris analysis, paint comparisons in collisions of boats, cause of microscopic damage to the paintwork of a new car, and determining the possible cause of a fatal fall.
  • Industrial applications such as identification of contaminants in a pharmaceutical chemical reactor, identification of chemical irritants off-gassing from newspapers, identification of unknown solid residues in a fragrance product, and trouble-shooting damages and mechanical failures.
  • Intellectual property rights applications such as distinguishing counterfeit toners from original toner materials, and comparison of a proprietary fragrance composition and imitation products.
  • Medical applications such as identifications of tiny metal particles lodged in the eye and chemical composition of a breast implant.