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Health Sciences Authority



Illicit Drugs Division

The Illicit Drugs Division of the Health Sciences Authority provides analytical services and consultancy to law enforcement agencies in the detection of controlled drugs as listed in the Misuse of Drugs Act [Cap.185].

Illicit Drugs Laboratory

The Illicit Drugs Laboratory provides analytical services to drug enforcement agencies in the analysis of controlled drugs in seizures as listed in the Misuse of Drugs Act, as well as substances under the Poisons Act.

The laboratory is equipped with advanced analytical instrumentation and supported by a team of well-trained scientific experts to perform accurate and efficient analysis to cater to the needs of its customers.

The laboratory also maintains a close link with drug testing laboratories in the region. It published a newsletter “DrugNetAsia” for the sharing of information on drug trends and technical and analytical issues among regional drug testing laboratories.

Since October 2008, the Asian Forensic Sciences Network (AFSN) has been established to increase collaboration and cooperation between forensic laboratories in the region. The DrugNetAsia newsletter was also expanded to include articles from all fields of forensic science, leading to the birth of a new annual publication known as ForensicAsia.

All issues of ForensicAsia and DrugNetAsia are available at:

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