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Health Sciences Authority

Milestones - Analytical Science

The history of Analytical Science, named the Health Science Division then, dates back to 1989 when the Department of Scientific Services was formed under the Institute of Science and Forensic Medicine. The Division comprised the Food, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Health, Cigarette Testing, Environment and Customs Laboratories.

DSSAnalyticalSc Milestones


When the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) was established on 1 April 2001, the Department of Scientific Services was dissolved and the Health Science Division became the Centre for Analytical Science (CAS) under HSA together with seven other Centres. In 2005, CAS was restructured into two divisions, namely the Food Division (FD) and Pharmaceutical Division (PD) to streamline its analytical services.

In June 2006, HSA was restructured into three professional groups: Applied Sciences Group (ASG), Blood Services Group (BSG) and Health Products Regulation Group (HPRG). CAS had dissolved and the two divisions, FD and PD, became separate divisions under the Applied Sciences Group (ASG). FD comprised the Food Laboratory while PD comprised the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Cigarette Testing Laboratories. In 2008, FD and its laboratory were renamed as the Food Safety Division, with the Food Safety Laboratory remaining under this division.



In August 2008, a new Division, the Chemical Metrology Division was set up in ASG. In April 2013, Divisions in Applied Sciences Group were clustered into three areas: Analytical Science, Forensic Medicine and Forensic Science. Analytical Science comprises the Food Safety Division, Pharmaceutical Division and Chemical Metrology Division.

The Food Safety Division was transferred to the Singapore Food Agency under its National Centre for Food Science on 1 April 2019.


The Laboratories under the Food and Pharmaceutical Divisions achieved accreditation under ISO/IEC Guide 25 by SAC-SINGLAS in 1997. In July 2002, the Laboratories successfully transited the accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025.

In August 2013, the Chemical Metrology Laboratory became the first laboratory in Singapore to be accredited by SAC as a Proficiency Testing (PT) provider in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17043:2010.

Applied Sciences Group-5DSC_4184


The accreditation of these analytical laboratories demonstrates that the quality management system implemented in the laboratories matches up to the international standards. It is also a testament to the laboratories’ commitment to providing high quality services and meeting the needs of our clients and stakeholders.

Excellence for Singapore Award

On August 2002, the former CAS was conferred the Singapore Quality Class as Singapore’s leading government provider of analytical and scientific consulting services in 6 specialised areas: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, cigarette, industrial health and environmental analysis.

In July 2003, CAS was awarded the prestigious Public Service Award for Organisational Excellence. This award was conferred to CAS through its continuous achievement in Singapore Quality Class and ISO17025 and HSA’s achievement in attaining the People Developer Singapore certification.