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This application is a service of the Singapore Government.

Health Sciences Authority

Sample Submission

Submission Requirements

  1. Please use heparinised blood tubes (green-cap) for blood specimens and sterile plastic containers (without preservatives) for urine and gastric aspirate specimens.
  2. Please provide the following amount of specimen for general toxicology screen:
    • Blood - at least 4 ml. If blood alcohol test is requested, alcohol must not be used for swabbing the area to be punctured.
    • Urine - at least 15 ml.
    • Gastric aspirate - at least 10 ml.
    • Test-Tube2Test-Tube3
      Example of containers used for the specimens

  3. If specimens need to be stored prior to dispatch to the laboratory, they should be kept at 2-8°C.
  4. Specimens should be
    • legibly labelled with the name and identification number of the subject; and
    • sealed for medico-legal cases (please refer to the picture shown). Do not cover the specimen label with the seal.
  5. Specimens should be submitted with a request form, including the following information:
    • particulars of subject (name and identification number);
    • brief medical history including signs and symptoms;
    • name of drug(s)/poison(s) suspected (if available);
    • test(s) requested;
    • seal used (preferably the same as the one used to seal the specimen);
    • police information if the case is related to police (police name, division and report no);
    • any other information which may help the analyst in identifying the drug(s)/poison(s); and
    • name and signature of the person requesting the analysis.

    Please call the laboratory (6213-0740) for a copy of the request form for toxicological investigations

Rejection of Samples

Specimen that does not satisfy the above requirements may result in its rejection. Some of the common reasons for rejection:

  • The specimen leaks to the plastic bag or contaminated the request form.
  • There is no indication of what test is to be done or the test requested is not available.
  • Specimen container is not labelled.
  • The sample label does not tally with the request form or illegible/damaged.