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Health Sciences Authority

Donation Process Safety

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How Your Body Reacts to a Donation

Donating blood is an entirely safe procedure.

Giving blood will not harm your body. Neither will it weaken your immune system.

The average adult has 4 to 5 litres of blood. During a donation, only 350 - 450 ml of blood is drawn. That's only 10-12% of the total volume of blood in your body, and the donated blood volume will be replaced in just 3 days.

During Your Donation

The health of every potential donor is carefully assessed by our medical screener before a donation.

It is impossible to catch any disease by donating blood, as new, sterile disposable needles and blood packs are used for each donor.

Occasionally, a bruise may occur which usually resolves itself and will go away after about 2 weeks. Follow the steps on our post-donation care guide to speed up the recovery process!