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Health Sciences Authority

About the National Blood Programme


About the Programme

The key objective of Singapore’s National Blood Programme is to ensure that all patients in Singapore, regardless of nationality and residential status, have access to a safe and sufficient blood supply when they need it.

The Health Sciences Authority and the Singapore Red Cross, which was appointed as the national blood donor recruiter in April 2001, work in partnership to collect blood from donors on a voluntary, non-remunerated basis.

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) focuses on three main functions in the National Blood Programme:

  • Recruitment and retention of blood donors

    In order to ensure a healthy and constant supply of blood at all times, the SRC strives to enlarge the donor pool in Singapore by recruiting and retaining donors who are residents and non-residents alike, based on the voluntary non-remunerated blood donation principle. This approach of altruistic donation and inclusive recruitment ensures that the transfusion needs of all patients in Singapore are adequately and safely met.

  • Promotion and education on the importance of blood donations to increase public awareness

    SRC seeks to inform and educate the public on the importance of regular blood donation to ensure a constant supply of blood to patients. This will help ease or prevent acute shortages during festive periods, school breaks and also in times of emergency.

  • Organisation of mobile blood donation drives in the community

    SRC works with various corporations, civic and religious organisations as well as community centres to organise mobile blood drives, thus making it convenient for the community to donate blood. It also partners the schools to inculcate the importance of blood supply in our young people, with the hope that they will adopt blood donation as their life-long habit.

Be Part of the National Blood Programme

You can play a part in the National Blood Programme by:

  • Donating blood

    You can help to save up to three lives with an hour of your time.

  • Being a bloodmobile organiser

    By hosting mobile blood donation drive in your organisation, your efforts will go a long way in saving lives. The event can also serve as a great team-building exercise for your communities or organisations.

  • Being a volunteer

    Our volunteers aim to inculcate positive attitudes towards voluntary blood donations. It serves as a platform for like-minded people to network, share their blood donation experiences with other blood donors and encourage regular blood donations.

    You can be part of our Youth Donor Club which targets youth donors aged 16 to 25. It aims to encourage social responsibility among youths through the simple life-saving act of blood donations. Like our Youth Donor Club page now to find out more about YDC activities.

Get in touch with the SRC Blood Recruitment Programme at 6220 0183 to find out more.