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Health Sciences Authority

24-Hour Cross-Match Laboratory


The 24-hour Cross-Match Laboratory and Red Cell Reference Laboratory make up the Immunohaematology section in Blood Services Group (BSG) which provides patient-centric red cells and platelets diagnostic testing services to all hospitals in Singapore.

The 24-hour Cross-Match Laboratory operates round-the clock services for ABO and Rh type determination, pre-transfusion screening for clinically significant red cell antibody and compatibility testing for blood transfusion recipients as well as issue-specialised blood products to all hospitals.

The Red Cell Reference Laboratory provides specialised referral services to hospitals and clinical laboratories that encounter difficulties in red cell and platelet diagnostic investigation. The investigational services provided range from identification and characterisation of atypical antibody, red cell auto-antibody, cold antibody and resolution of ABO discrepancies as well as platelet antibody screening. The Red Cell Reference Laboratory also runs the National Proficiency Testing Program for ABO Grouping and Rh Typing for participating clinical laboratories in Singapore.

List of Immunohaematological Tests

Test Description Turnaround Time
(days, unless otherwise stated)
Sample Requirement Remark
ABO & RH Grouping Pretransfusion test : up to 3hrs Reference lab: 5 working days 7ml EDTA sample, Neonates: 2ml whole blood Fresh sample preferred.
If stored, 2-8oC for not more than 48 hours

In the case of neonatal transfusion (baby < 4 months), mother's sample may be required
Red Cell Antibody Screening
Red Cell Cross Match
Type and Screen 1
Neonatal ABO & Rh Grouping 5 2ml EDTA sample Fresh sample prefered
If stored, 2-8oC for not more than 48 hours
Neonatal Jaundice Profile - NNJ 5 10ml clotted sample (mother) and 1ml EDTA baby sample
Red Cell Allo Antibody Identification 5 10ml clotted sample and 5ml EDTA sample
Red Cell Auto Antibody Identification 7
Red Cell Antibody ID - Acid Elution 5
Red Cell Direct Coombs Test 5 5ml EDTA sample,
Pediatric: 1ml whole blood
Monospecific Direct Coombs Test 5
Cold Agglutinin Screen 5 10ml clotted sample
Cold Agglutinin Titration 5
Antibody Titration - Coombs 5 10ml clotted sample
Antibody Titration - ABO (Anti A) 5
Antibody Titration - ABO (Anti B) 5
Platelet Antibody Screen Batch test : up to 30 working days
Urgent cases : within 7 working days
10ml clotted sample
Red Cell RH Phenotype 5 5 ml EDTA sample (preferable) or 10ml clotted sample
Antigen Typing (Kell) 5
Antigen Typing (Js) 5
Antigen Typing (Kp) 5
Antigen Typing (Kidd) 5
Antigen Typing (Luthens) 5
Antigen Typing (Lewis) 5
Antigen Typing (Duffy) 5
Antigen Typing (Ext Duf) 5
Antigen Typing (MN) 5
Antigen Typing (S) 5
Antigen Typing (P1) 5
Cryoglubulin Detection (Cold 4 C) 7 10ml clotted(red) Sample is allowed to clot at 37oC prior to serum separation  
Donath Lansteiner 5
Indirect Antiglobulin Test 5 5ml EDTA sample (preferable) or 10ml clotted sample  

For further enquiries:

24-Hour Cross-Match Laboratory: Telephone: (+65) 6213 062 and 6223 8793
Fax: (+65) 6222 1932
Red Cell Reference Laboratory (Office Hour) (+65) 6213 0695