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This application is a service of the Singapore Government.

Health Sciences Authority

Introduction to CRIS@HSA

Introduction to Client Registration and Identification Service (CRIS)

A company that needs to submit online applications or notifications to the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) will have to first set up a company CRIS Account.

With a company CRIS Account, the company can authorise its employees and service providers to access HSA e-Services in PRISM and MEDICS and transact on the company's behalf.

For each company CRIS Account, at least one person has to be authorised as the company CRIS Administrator to manage the company CRIS Account. To ensure adequate coverage of duties, it is recommended that at least two persons be appointed as Company CRIS Administrators.


Role of Company CRIS Administrators

The company CRIS Administrator is responsible for the proper management and maintenance of the company CRIS Accounts.

Their roles include the following:

  1. Create new accounts for company CRIS Administrators and Users.
  2. Update information of the company CRIS Administrator(s) and CRIS User(s) as and when there are changes.
  3. Remove company CRIS Administrators and CRIS Users when the persons are no longer authorised or employed by the company.
  4. Assign HSA e-services to Users and their roles as either "Drafters" or "Submitters".


Roles of Company CRIS Users

Each CRIS User will be given access to specific HSA e-Services and will be authorised as either a “Drafter” or a “Submitter”.

The “Drafter” will only be able to draft applications while the “Submitter” will be able to both draft and submit applications on behalf of the company.

Important Points to Note for Users:

  • In addition to having the CorpPass ID for online transactions with government agencies, anyone who needs to access HSA e-Services in PRISM and MEDICS on behalf of his/her company will have to be authorised as a user in the company CRIS Account.
  • If you are unable to log in using your CorpPass ID, please check with your company CRIS Administrator whether a user account has been created for you in your company CRIS Account.