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This application is a service of the Singapore Government.

Health Sciences Authority

Submission of Application 申请产品批准的呈交详情

CPM importers, manufacturers and assemblers are also required to obtain product listing approvals for the CPM products dealt by them.

The following items must be submitted during applications for CPM product listing approvals:





For imported product


For locally manufactured product


Labels of product to be sold/supplied in Singapore which meet labelling requirements, including:


a) Inner label 内标签

b) Outer label / carton (if any) 外标签(若有)

c) Package insert (if any) 说明书(若有)

Photograph of the product's contents (e.g. capsules, tablets) - Examples
Physical sample of product to be sold/supplied in Singapore, only upon request

以照片展示产品样本(如胶囊,片剂等)- 范例


Labels of product sold/supplied in country of manufacture, including:


a) Inner label 内标签

b) Outer label / carton 外标签(若有)

c) Package insert (if any) 说明书(若有)


Manufacturer's Licence or certificate



Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate (if any)



Product registration certificate (if applicable)#



Free sale certificate or equivalent from country of manufacture



Test results of toxic heavy metals and microbial contamination


Storage condition/containers [Imported products] [Locally manufactured / Primary Assembled products]

贮存条件/容器 [进口的中成药产品] [本地生产的/一级分装的中成药产品]

Quality parameters for CPM products


Endorsement of product formula (including all active and inactive ingredients) by overseas manufacturer and undertaking by overseas manufacturer that product does not contain any Western drugs or active synthetic substances



Information on legal classifications of product in countries of sales



Website undertaking – for products with website stated on label(s)

网站的书面声明 - 限于网址标注于产品标签上的产品

TSE undertaking – for products containing materials (including those used for making capsule shells) derived from ruminants (e.g. cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, deer, antelope)

传染性海绵状脑病的书面声明 - 限于产品含有来源于反刍动物(如牛、羊、鹿、羚羊等)的成份(包括制作胶囊壳的成份)

Info for Fermented Substance – for products containing fermented substance(s) (e.g. Cordyceps, Red Yeast Rice)

发酵物质的信息 - 限于产品含有发酵成分如冬虫夏草菌粉,红曲米

# If product registration certificate is not available, a FSC, CPP or similar documents would be required 在没有产品注册证书的情况下,则应提交自由销售证书、药品证书或其他的类似文件

Please click here for the guideline on signatory of forms and undertaking for CPM.



In addition to the above items, dealers may be required to furnish any other information as requested by the Licensing Authority.




Before you submit your application, please ensure that your product does not contain:

  • Any synthetic drugs;
  • Amygdalin, pangamic acid or its salts, danthron, suprofen or its salts and rhodamine B;
  • Any other substances except those stated on the labels;

If the CPM contains substances listed under the Endangered Species (Import & Export) Act, dealers should contact the Wildlife Management Group of the NParks to obtain the necessary Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) permits for import/export:

CITES Trade Permit Section
Wildlife Management Group
National Parks Board (NParks)
50 Dairy Farm Road
Singapore 679059
Tel : 1-800-471-7300 (for plants); 1-800-476-1600 (for animals)

在呈交中成药申请之前, 请确保产品不含有:

  • 任何活性合成物质;
  • 苦杏仁苷、 潘氨酸及其盐、丹酮、舒洛酚及其盐、若丹明B;
  • 任何未在产品标签或产品成份表中所列出的成份。


CITES Trade Permit Section
Wildlife Management Group
National Parks Board (NParks)
50 Dairy Farm Road
Singapore 679059
Tel : 1-800-471-7300 (for plants); 1-800-476-1600 (for animals)


Please click here for the PRISM guide “Apply for Chinese Proprietary Medicines Product Listing”.