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This application is a service of the Singapore Government.

Health Sciences Authority

Guidelines on Application for Import of CPM Products Solely for Re-Export 进口并以原包装出口的中成药申请指导原则

Dealers must apply to the Health Sciences Authority for approval to import CPM products solely for the purpose of re-export at least one week before the import. Particulars of the company, the person responsible and details of the CPM are to be submitted, along with an undertaking to ensure the following:

  • The CPM are directly and completely exported in their original packagings within 1 year from the date of importation and the Health Sciences Authority is notified of the re-export within 7 days with documentary evidence;
  • No sale, supply or disposal of the CPM is allowed in Singapore;
  • Proper records are maintained for 2 years from the date of the last transaction.

对于进口并以原包装出口的中成药, 进口商必须在货物进口前的一星期呈交批准申请。申请时须注明申请公司、申请者及该中成药的详情, 并确保:

  • 进口的中成药必须在进口的一年内直接并完全以原包装出口。进口商须在货物出口后的7天内通知卫生科学局,并呈交有关文件;
  • 进口的中成药不能在本地进行任何销售、丢弃等活动;
  • 进口商必须保存进口的中成药的交易记录两年。

Please click here for the PRISM guide “Apply for Chinese Proprietary Medicines Import for Re-export Approval”.