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Health Sciences Authority

Definition and Process 定义和申请程序


Regulation of Chinese Proprietary Medicines

In Singapore, a “Chinese proprietary medicine (CPM)” refers to a medicinal product:

  • in the form of a finished product (e.g. capsule, tablet); and
  • containing one or more active ingredients from any plant, animal or mineral, or any combination of sources as documented for use in traditional Chinese medicine.


The following are not considered as CPM:

  • products to be injected into the human body; or
  • products containing any chemically-defined isolate as an active ingredient.  


Before you can sell and distribute CPM in Singapore, you are required to apply for and obtain the following from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA):

  • Product listing for each CPM they intend to deal with; and
  • Dealers' licences, depending on your nature of business (i.e. import, wholesale, manufacture and assembly).

If you are importing the CPM for export only, product listing and dealer licences are not required, but you have to apply for a permit. Please refer to the import of CPM solely for re-export webpage.


For New Applicants - Process of Dealing with CPM in Singapore at a glance:

Please refer to the flow chart below for the summary of procedures related to the dealing of CPM in Singapore. More detailed information can also be viewed via the hyperlinked webpages:





All applications are to be submitted online via our electronic application system "PRISM". To access PRISM, your company must first set up an account with HSA, the Client Registration and Identification Service (CRIS) account. 

Application for CRIS account:

  • If you do not already have a CRIS Account, please apply for one here

Application for CPM product listing:

Application for CPM Dealer's Licence:





Please contact helpdesk@hsa by telephone: +65 6776 0168 (from 7.00am to midnight daily) or email:


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