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This application is a service of the Singapore Government.

Health Sciences Authority

Food-Health Product Classification


In Singapore, medicinal and other health-related products are regulated under various regulations such as the Medicines Act, the Poisons Act, the Sale of Drugs Act, the Medicines (Advertisement and Sale) Act and the Misuse of Drug Regulations. The control of health products is under the purview of the Health Sciences Authority. Products that are presently subjected to licensing requirements under HSA include Western medicinal products and Chinese Proprietary Medicines

On the other hand, food and supplements of food nature come under the purview of the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). The import and sale of these products in Singapore are governed by the Sale of Food Act and the Food Regulations. Importers of these products are required to ensure that the food products they intend to import comply with the requirements of the Food Regulations, including the labelling requirements. 

The classification of products in the food-health product interface is a challenging one as it is dependent on various factors. HSA and SFA have developed a classification tree to assist companies determine the likely classification of their product. However, this tree serves only as a guide and companies are advised to seek confirmation with the respective Authority on the product's classification. 

For detailed information on the regulation of health or food products in Singapore, you may visit the websites of the respective controlling agencies. 

View the interactive Food-Health Product Classification Tree.