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Health Sciences Authority



In recent years, the issue of illegal health products has grown into serious threats that endanger public health and safety. Dealers of such products capitalise on the lucrative nature of this illegal trade to manufacture and supply poor quality health products globally. The problem has insidiously affected both developed and developing countries around the world, including Singapore.

Illegal health products are often manufactured under poor and unhygienic conditions. In view of the lack of quality control, they often contain the wrong active ingredients, no active ingredients, too much or too little active ingredients, or even ingredients which have not been properly evaluated for their safe use in humans. Instead of treating a medical condition, these illegal products can worsen a medical condition, lead to serious side effects and even death due to their dangerous content.

In addition to the enforcement efforts put in by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to stem out such unsafe health products from the local market, HSA also encourages members of the public to play their part by not purchasing health products from dubious sources.

Consumer Education

To empower consumers to make informed decisions, HSA has put together the following information on illegal health products. A new search engine has also been made available on this website to provide consumers and healthcare professionals with more information on a particular illegal health product that they might have encountered based on product details such as the product name, colour, shape or marking on these products.

Click on the links below to learn more about illegal health products, tips on how to spot them and how you can avoid situations that may put your health at risk.

AuntyLobang1 eye-web2 weightloss-web2 ed-web2
Miracle Pills May Kill! Don’t take chances with your life. Wearing contact lenses bought from dubious websites can BLIND YOU.
Over 50% of medicines purchased online from illegal sites are counterfeit or substandard Consuming sexual enhancement drugs bought from dubious sources can KILL YOU.

Download our public education posters for more health product safety messages.