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Health Sciences Authority

Australia, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland (ACSS) Consortium


The ACSS Consortium is a cooperation of like-minded medium-sized regulatory authorities. The participating authorities face very similar challenges, such as increasing workload, increasing complexity and at the same time increasing pressure on the available resources.

The Consortium consists of health regulatory agencies from:

  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia;
  • Health Canada of Canada;
  • Swissmedic of Switzerland; and
  • Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore.

The Consortium meets on a regular basis to exchange information on issues and challenges. The collaboration aims to better align the regulatory systems and reduce unnecessary duplication and differences.

The ACSS Consortium explores opportunities for information and work-sharing initiatives.

For more information, please refer to the Terms of Reference



Currently, the ACSS Consortium has a number of active working groups in place:

  • ACSS Generic Medicines Working Group
  • ACSS New Chemical Entity/Benefit- Risk Analysis Working Group
  • ACSS Complementary Health Products Working Group

ACSS Generic Medicines Working Group is conducting a Generic Medicines Work Sharing Trial (GMWST). For more information click here.