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This application is a service of the Singapore Government.

Health Sciences Authority

Singapore Medical Device Register (smdr@MEDICS)

The Singapore Medical Device Register (SMDR) is a database of all medical devices registered for use in human being under the Health Product Act (Medical Device Regulation). The register also includes medical devices registered with HSA before 31 March 2007 under the Voluntary Product Registration Scheme (VPRS) and evaluated in accordance to VPRS requirements. 

*Note: From 18 June 2018, kindly proceed to access Class A Medical Device Register for Class A sterile medical devices.

The SMDR is opened to all.

The listing of medical devices in the SMDR should not be construed as an explicit endorsement of the products by HSA. 

Click the link beside to access SMDR:  hprg.Par.99191.Image


How to search for a medical device in the SMDR

Public can search for the medical device in the various tabs which list the medical devices in alphabetical order or search for the medical device in the “Advanced Search” tab using different key words such as shown below.

For example, under “Device Proprietary/Brand Name”, enter “Search Entry” or Search Keywords “MRI”, change the “Search Mode” to “Contains” and click on the “Search” button below, a list of device name contains MRI will be show.



Alternatively, public also can search medical device based on Medical Speciality Area.

For example, under the “Speciality Category”, select “General Hospital” and click on the “Search” button. All the medical devices which categorized under general hospital will be listed. This speciality covers common devices used in hospitals such as wound dressings, thermometers, face masks etc.



To start with a new search, click on the “Search Again” button in the bottom of the search results page.