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Health Sciences Authority

Slimming Spray by Mu

Recall No : PR140015
Date : 7 May 2014
Name of Product : Slimming Spray by Mu
Batch No. : Lot 110708
Expiry Date : Not available
Pack Size : 1 bottle of 250ml
Class of Recall1 : 2
Level of Recall : Retail
Product Licence No : CCPN1129321
Local Company : MCU Trading Pte Ltd
Manufacturer: D&D srl Sandrigo (VI) Italy
Country of Manufacture : Italy
Reason(s) for Recall : The product was tested to contain Theophylline.


1Class of Recall

Class 1 recall is initiated when the product defect poses a life-threatening situation to users. Some examples of defects that will result in a Class 1 recall are non-sterile injections, contamination with toxic substances and products with major labelling errors.

Class 2 recall is initiated when the problem or defect is unlikely to cause serious harm to users. Some examples of defects that will result in a Class 2 recall include products with minor labelling errors or products which fail to meet product specification or pharmacopoeia standards but are likely to cause minimal hazard to users.