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Health Sciences Authority

The Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) (Licensing of Importers, Wholesalers and Retailers) Regulations

Validity and Renewal of Licence

Tobacco products cannot be sold without a licence. Licensees must possess a valid licence and must renew their existing licence before it expires. Licence is valid only when payment has been made.

If a renewal notice is not received one month before the expiry date of the existing licence, licensees should contact the Tobacco Regulation Branch, Tel: 6684 2031/ 2032.

No Sale Of Cigarettes In Loose Sticks

No licensee shall sell by retail, offer for sale by retail, possess for sale by retail or permit to be sold or offered any cigarette, which is removed from its container.

Prohibition Of Persons Under The Minimum Legal Age (MLA) From Selling Tobacco Products

No person below the MLA can sell, offer for sale, possess for sale or permit to be sold or offered any tobacco product at the licensed premises.

Changes In Particulars

Licensee must seek to inform TRB within 3 days of any change in the particulars/details contained in the licence or application for a licence. An amendment fee is applicable to any changes made on the licence.

Transfer Of Licence

The licence to retail tobacco products is non-transferable.

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