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Health Sciences Authority

Licensees' Obligations Under the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act and its Regulations


Attention is drawn to the provisions of the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act (the Act) and the Regulations made under it. Licensees are reminded that they must comply with the obligations set out therein in addition to the conditions specified in the licence. Upon conviction for non-compliance, offenders can be punished with imprisonment and/or fine. Offenders may also have their licences suspended or revoked.

Advertisements Relating To Tobacco Products

Advertisements relating to tobacco products and imitation tobacco products are prohibited.

Tobacco Products As Free Gift

Tobacco products must not be given away as a free gift, as a free sample or as a prize. Tobacco products also cannot be sold with other products as a free gift, or in conjunction with any other goods.

Prohibition On Shopper Loyalty Programmes Involving Tobacco Products

All shopper loyalty programmes involving tobacco products are prohibited. 

Prohibition Of Sale Of Tobacco Products To Persons Below The Minimum Legal Age (MLA)

Licensees cannot sell, directly or indirectly, tobacco products to persons below the MLA. Licensees are responsible for their employees and must ensure that their employees comply with this prohibition.

No Sale Of Cigarettes In Package Of Less Than 20 Sticks

Cigarettes packs that contain less than 20 sticks, must not be sold in Singapore.

Notice of Prohibition

Sufficient notices that the sale of tobacco products to persons below the MLA is prohibited must be prominently displayed.

Prohibition On Certain Products

Licensees cannot sell imitation and harmful tobacco products. For details, please click here.

Health Warnings On Tobacco Products

Licensees must ensure that all tobacco products carry the mandatory health-warning labels in compliance with the Act.