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Health Sciences Authority

Reclassified Medicines


Therapeutic products in Singapore are classified as follows:

  • Prescription Only Medicines (POM): a therapeutic product that can only be obtained from a doctor or a dentist, or from a pharmacist with a prescription from a doctor or a dentist
  • Pharmacy Only Medicines (P): a therapeutic product that can be obtained from a pharmacist at a retail pharmacy
  • General Sale List (GSL): a therapeutic product that can be freely obtained from any retailer

It is possible for a therapeutic product that is initially classified as POM to be reclassified to a P, or subsequently to GSL, upon review that the therapeutic product can be safely and appropriately used by public without medical supervision. There are two mechanisms by which therapeutic products can be reclassified.

Product-specific Reclassification

Product registrants may submit applications proposing reclassification of their therapeutic product for HSA's review. Medicines may be reclassified from POM to P, or P to GSL, if they have been deemed sufficiently safe for use with reduced or without medical supervision. For registrants who wish to submit applications (MAV-2) for reclassification of their products, please refer to the Guidance on Therapeutic Product Registration in Singapore (2019).

Click here to download the list of reclassified products from 2002[Updated on 12/03/2019]

Exemptions for supply of POM without prescription

HSA may enable the supply of a POM by pharmacists without a prescription, upon review that the product can be used in a safe and effective manner under the supervision of a pharmacist. This can be effected through legislative mechanisms in the absence of an application made by the product registrant to reclassify the therapeutic product, subject to to conditions including indication, strength, maximum daily dose, maximum supply quantity, and age restriction. 

Click here to download the list of POMs with exemptions for supply without prescription [Updated on 29/01/2018]
Click here to view the list of PILs for POMs with exemptions for supply without prescription [Updated on 29/01/2018]