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Health Sciences Authority

Press Releases - 2002

Date Title
03 Oct 2002 Expert Panel Discourages Use of Combined Hormone Replacement Therapy for the Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease
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26 Sep 2002 Conviction of Health Biz Pte Ltd And Revocation of Its Import And Wholesale Dealer's Licences
File Size: (75 Kb)
29 Aug 2002 HSA Clears One-off testing of Health Supplements Marketed for Slimming
File Size: (313 Kb)
20 Aug 2002 Enhancing Regulatory Control of Chinese Proprietary Medicines (CPM)
File Size: (23 Kb)
16 Aug 2002 HSA Prosecutes Tobacco Retailer for Selling Merchandise Bearing Tobacco Brand Names
File Size: (53 Kb)
25 Jul 2002 HSA Announces the Prohibition of the Importation and Sale of Kava-Kava Products
File Size: (88 Kb)
18 Jun 2002 HSA Updates on Testing of 45 Listed CPM Slimming Products
File Size: (180 Kb)
18 Jun 2002 HSA Updates on Slim 10 Adulteration
File Size: (69 Kb)
20 May 2002 HSA Prosecutes Tobacco Supplier for Supplying Tobacco Products to an Unlicensed Retailer
File Size: (53 Kb)
14 May 2002 Singapore Signs Regulatory Memorandum with Australia
File Size: (68 Kb)
14 May 2002 Medical Devices Here to be Regulated
File Size: (75 Kb)
30 Apr 2002 HSA Detects Fenfluramine, a Controlled Substance, in the Chinese Proprietary Medicine "Slim 10"
File Size: (91 Kb)
15 Apr 2002 HSA Hosts First Regional Quality Management Training Course In Blood Transfusion Services & Launches Its New Apheresis Suite@HSA
File Size: (70 Kb)
27 Feb 2002 HSA Suspends Licence of a Tobacco Retailer
File Size: (54 Kb)
25 Feb 2002 HSA Warns Against Illegal Import of Midazolam
File Size: (72 Kb)
01 Feb 2002 HSA Seizes Illegal Medicines in Bukit Panjang Area
File Size: (181 Kb)
23 Jan 2002 HSA Issues Alert on A Jamu Product "Serbuk Jarem (Encok)" Found Adulterated with Phenylbutazone
File Size: (163 Kb)
16 Jan 2002 HSA Issues Precautionary Advice to Avoid Consumption of Kava- Kava Products Due to Suspected Liver Toxicity
File Size: (54 Kb)