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Health Sciences Authority

Press Releases - 2007

Date Title
21 Nov 2007 HSA Implements ASEAN Cosmetic Directive In Singapore
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11 Oct 2007 HSA Introduces Regulation of Medical Devices in Phases
File Size: (144 Kb)
04 Sep 2007 HSA Suspends Licence of Recalcitrant Tobacco Retailer Who Sold Tobacco Products to the Underaged
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03 Sep 2007 1st Singapore-World Health Organisation Workshop on the Management of National Blood Programmes
File Size: (90 Kb)
15 Jun 2007 HSA Suspends Sales of Products Containing Nimesulide
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14 Jun 2007 Rolling out the Red Carpet for Champion Blood Donors on World Blood Donor Day at VivoCity!
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05 Jun 2007 HSA Tests China-Made Toothpastes for Diethylene Glycol and Alerts Consumers to “Hei Mei® Toothpaste (黑妹® 牙膏)”, “Hei Mei® Calcium Toothpaste (黑妹® 钙牙膏)” Toothpastes and Maxam Toothpaste with Fluoride"
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29 May 2007 HSA Alerts Consumers To An Illegal Product - “Asam Urat Flu Tulang, Pj. Dewandaru”
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26 May 2007 HSA Alerts Public on Recall of all Batches of " AMO COMPLETE® MOISTURE PLUS(TM) MULTIPURPOSE SOLUTION " Sold in Singapore
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02 May 2007 HSA Cautions Consumers Against Taking Two Chinese Proprietary Medicines “Zhen Feng Da Brand Xi Tong Wan” and “Wellring Brand Yin Qiao Jie Du Tablets” Found Adulterated With Indomethacin and Paracetamol Respectively
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19 Mar 2007 Contact Lens Practitioners Board Suspends And Fines Registered Contact Lens Practitioner For Misconduct
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08 Mar 2007 HSA Warns Consumers Against Taking An Illegal Product - "Urat Madu"
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06 Feb 2007 HSA Seeks Views on Proposed Health Products (Medical Devices) Regulations
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