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Health Sciences Authority

FY 2011/12

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Research Publications

Apr 2011 to Mar 2012

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Health Products Regulation Group

Title of Paper Author(s)
Pharmacogenetic Risk for Adverse Reactions to Irinotecan in the Major Ethnic Populations of Singapore: Regulatory Evaluation by the Health Sciences Authority Cynthia Sung, Lee Puiling, Liesbet Tan, Dorothy Toh
Functional analysis of pharmacogenetic variants of human organic cation/carnitine transporter 2 (hOCTN2) identified in Singaporean populations Dorothy Toh Su Lin, Michael Murray, Tan Kuan Pern, Vishwaroop Mulay, Thomas Grewal, Edmund Lee Jon Deoon, Zhou Fanfan
Adaptive Licensing: Taking the Next Step in the Evolution of Drug Approval Hans-Georg Eichler, Kenneth Oye, Lynn G Baird, John Brown, Chester L Drum, John Ferguson, Sarah Garner, Peter Honig, Matthias Hukkelhoven, John CW Lim, Robyn Lim, Murray Lumpkin, Garry Neil, Brian O'Rourke, Edmund Pezalla, Diane Shoda, Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, Ellen V Sigal, Jenelle Sobotka, Daniel Tan, Thomas F Unger and Gigi Hirsch
Automated systems to identify relevant documents in product risk management Wee Xue Ting, Yvonne Koh, Yap Chun Wei

Blood Services Group

Title of Paper Author(s)
Donor Centric Bloodbank – A new concept Dr Marieta Chan, Koh Geok Tin
To Assess the Number of Cases of Anti-Dia in Singapore and its Importance to Incorporate into Antibody Screening Panel Eileen Kang, Michael Ng Weng Yik
Evaluation of BIO-RAD IH-1000 Fully Automated System for Unexpected Antibody Screening For Donors Ng Kooi Sim, Shu Pei Huey, Chua Sze Sze, Sally Lam, Dr Diana Teo
Appropriate blood component usage Dr. Mickey Koh, Dr. Lee Yuh Shan, Dr. Jason Chay
Developing Staff Capability through Experiential Learning in the Blood Bank, Singapore Leou Kwee Kim, Dr Diana Teo
The Impact of Implementation of the H1N1-related Deferral Criteria on Blood Donors in Singapore Nwe Ni Aung , Tan Hwee Huang
Study on Number of Cycles and Yield Performance Among Donors with History of Failure to Meet Platelet Yield Performance Nur Faishah Bte Mohamed Jamil, Poo Lay Hoon, Debbie Joan Pennefather, Dr Tan Hwee Huang
Using Lean Tools to Improve Donor Turn-around Time Pyone Pyone, Norhayati Rahamat, Debbie Joan Pennefather, Dr Tan Hwee Huang
The most influential factors on vasovagal reaction in blood donation Kyaw Phone Myint, Dr Tan Hwee Huang, Toh Ching Lian
Reduce Platelet Rejection Rate Due to Platelet Clumping By Using Lean Six Sigma Chia King Kiang , Chua Sze Sze, Leong Tong Seng, Heng Chin Soon, Shu Pei Huey, Siti Khadijah, Ng Kooi Sim, Sally Lam
Syphilis Testing of Blood Donors in Singapore Chua Sze Sze, Lim Clara
The Singapore Rare Donor Program – The Search for DIB (D12) Negative Donors Michael Ng Weng Yik, Loke JWI, Dr Marieta Chan
Quality Systems Management and Overview Sally Lam

Applied Sciences Group

Title of Paper Author(s)
Amplification volume reduction on DNA database samples using FTATM Classic Cards Hang Yee Wong, Eng Seng Simon Lim, Wai Fun Tan-Siew
Feed-forward neural network assisted by discriminant analysis for the spectroscopic discriminantion of cracked sporesGanoderma lucidum: A prospective biotechnology production tool Chee Wei Lim, Sheot Harn Chan, Angelo Visconti
Identification of a new sildenafil analogue in a health supplement Xiaowei Ge, Lin Li, Hwee-Ling Koh, Min-Yong Low
Determination of melamine in milk powder using gas-chromatography-high resolution isotope dilution mass spectrometry Guiwan Koh, Rosalind S.C. Chia, Qi Lin, Pui Sze Cheow, Tang Lin Teo, Tong Kooi Lee
A bilateral study for the establishment of comparability in the measurement of ethanol in bioethanol fuel using isotope dilution mass spectrometry Teo Tang Lin, Qian Can, Cheow Pui Sze, Huang Ting, Lee Tong Kooi, Li Hongmei, Zhang Wei
Analytical method for the accurate determination of tricothecenes in grains using LC-MS/MS: a comparison between MRM transition and MS3 quantitation Chee Wei Lim, Siew Hoon Tai, Lin Min Lee, Sheot Harn Chan
High accuracy analysis of glucose in human serum by isotope dilution liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry Yizhao Chen, Qinde Liu, Sharon Yong, Tong Kooi Lee
Capsule shells adulterated with tadalafil Bastiaan J. Venhuis, Jing Tan, Marjo Vredenbregt, Xiaowei Ge, Min-Yong Low, Dries de Kaste
Isolation and structural elucidation of flibanserin as an adulterant in a health supplement used for female sexual performance enhancement Low Min Yong, Lin Li, Ge Xiaowei, Kee Chee Leong and Koh Hwee Ling
Ecstasy Tablets Containing Legal Highs Encountered in Singapore Ms Wendy Lim Jong Lee, Dr Angeline Yap

Research Projects

Apr 2011 to Mar 2012

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Health Products Regulations Group

Title Of Research Project Principal Investigator(s)
Development of new capabilities in assessing hepatotoxic potential of complementary alternative medicines (CAM) implicated in drug-induced liver injury Assoc. Prof Koh Hwee Ling, Ms Chan Cheng Leng, Ms Belinda Tan, Ms Liesbet Tan, Dr Zhang Qian, Ms Low Minyong
Cost effectiveness analysis of genotyping for HLA-B*1502 in newly diagnosed adult epilepsy patients in Singapore Assoc. Prof Eric Finkelstein, Dong Di,HSA Co-PIs: Cynthia Sung

Blood Services Group

Title Of Research Project Principal Investigator(s)
Preclinical evaluation of a novel GMP-compliant method combining large-scale production of LAK-NK cells with bortezomib-induced tumour sensitizationfor the treatment of multiple myeloma Dr. Garnet Suck, Dr. Linn Yeh Ching, Ho Seih Hwa, and Dr. Mickey Koh
Generation of highly potent NK effectors for use in Cancer cellular therapy through enhanced GMP-compliant culture conditions involving the novel cytokine IL-15 Dr. Garnet Suck, Vincent Oei Yi Sheng, Dr. Linn Yeh Ching, Ho Seih Hwa, and Dr. Mickey Koh
Evaluation of a novel Flow cytometric cytotoxicity assay for measurement of NK cytotoxicity against tumour target cells Dr. Garnet Suck, Vincent Oei Yi Sheng, Dr. Linn Yeh Ching, Dr.Charles Gullo, Ho Seih Hwa, Yong Hao Xiang, Lim Che Kang, and Dr. Mickey Koh
Comparison study of pathogen reduction systems to inactivate dengue and chikungunya viruses in apheresis platelets suspended in plasma Sally Lam, Tan Li Kiang, Ng Lee Ching, Diana Teo

Applied Sciences Group

Title Of Research Project Principal Investigator(s)
Mass Chromatographic Determination of Benzo[a]pyrene in Mainstream Cigarette Smoke Cheah Nuan Ping, Faridatul Akmam Morsed
Chemical Methods Development for emerging mycotoxins present in Cereals Jeff Lim, Joanne Chan
Determination of the Authenticity of Honey Joanne Chan Sheot Harn, Yat Yun Wei, Angela Li, Lee Lin Min
Chemical Methods Development for emerging/re-emerging mycotoxins present in Grains (for AVA) Jeff Lim, Gerald Chung, Joanne Chan, Lee Lin Min, Yap Wee Kim
Forensic Analysis and Comparison of Plastic Drinking Straws Vicky Chow, Lim Chin Chin, Michael Tay, Alaric Koh, Fiona Chen, Jean Chen
Amino Acid Profile in Edible Bird's Nest Boscoe Chen Bloodworth, Ge Xiao Wei, Shao Fay
Development of Enantiomeric High Performance Liquid Chromatography Systems for Analysis of Selected Chiral Drugs Ge Xiao Wei, Agnes Chin, Koh Huishi, Jessie Teo