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Health Sciences Authority

FY 2013/14

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Research Publications

Apr 2013 to Mar 2014

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Blood Services Group

Title of Paper


Is 12 months deferral of donors who visited malaria endemic areas suitable for all countries who are not endemic for malaria?

Tan Hwee Huang, Alcantara Ramir M

An attempt to improve factor VIII levels in Cryoprecipitate using Lean Six Sigma tools

Eileen Kang, Chua Sze Sze, Sally Lam, Dr Diana Teo

Lean Six Sigma project on how to minimize paper/ transcription/ documentation on work for audit trail within & between sections

Poo Lay Hoon, William Leong, Chia King Kiang, Grace, Lynn Wong, Maznah Sadauna, Teresita Gega Torno, Dr Diana Teo

Improve accuracy in the reporting of Singapore blood inventory using Lean Six Sigma

Siti Khadijah Bte Abd Razak, Shu Pei Huey, Joan Tang, Sally Lam

Mia antibody screening cells meant for Asia – After 2 years down the road, just how good are they?

Michael Ng Weng Yik

HLA antibody screening- How regular should testing be?

Joan Tang Ei Mei, Armi Grace Popa Alcantara, Dr Marieta Chan. Phang Chew Yen, Dr Ho Liem Pock

Demographic profile of blood donors deferred in Singapore due to Malaysia testing

Dr Moreno Alcantara Ramir, Nwe Ni Aung, Kyaw Phone Myint, Dr Tan Hwee Huang

Different red cell alloimmunization rates among transfusion-dependent Benign Red Cell Disorders: A comparison between pure red cell Aplasia, Thalassemia Intermedia and Thalassemia Major

Dr Ang Ai Leen, Lee Yuh Shan, Tan Chuen Wen, Aloysius Ho, Chen Yunxin, Than Hein, Ng Weng Yik

What Factors That Motivate Donors To Donate Platelets?

Noorhayati Rahamat, Joanna Hiok

A small scale process validation for Terumo TACSI WB System with TACSI CRC and PLT

Rabbiah Che Omar, Sally Lam, Ng Kok Quan, Siti Khadijah Abdul Razak, Toh Chiew Yong, Chia King Kiang, Karunanithi Raja Gopal

User experience with the Procleix Panther System for nucleic acid testing

Lim Mei Zhee, Chua Sze Sze, Ng Kooi Sim, Sally Lam

Screening of Kidd Null blood donors with the Urea Lysis test in Singapore

Ng Cher Tong, Chua Sze Sze, Sally Lam

Implementing SBT in our HLA laboratory – A comparison of SBT kits

Goh Chun Ai, Lai May Ling, Phang Chew Yen, Dr Marieta Chan

Whole blood donor return rates after a Vasovagal reaction in Singapore

Padre Marienelle Violeta,Ramir Alcantara, P. Calixto, Debbie Pennefather

Molecular genotyping or serological phenotyping, which is more cost-effective

Shireen Begum D/O Mohamed Sidik

An audit on the impact of National Clinical Blood Transfusion guidelines on reducing inappropriate red cell and plasma requests in Singapore

Dr. Jason Chay, Dr Sushma Pandey, Dr Ang Ai Leen

The Del Dilemma – should we do anything about it?

Siti Salbiah Bte Masnor,  Ng Weng Yik Michael

Serological confirmation of a group O H-deficient secretor para-bombay donor

Ow Li Qiu, Ng Weng Yik Michael

Applied Services Group

Title of Paper


An improved reference measurement procedure for triglycerides and total glycerides in human serum by isotope dilution gas chromatography–mass spectrometry

Yizhao Chen, Qinde Liu, Sharon Yong, Hui Ling Teo, Tong Kooi Lee

Determination of total thyroxine in human serum by hollow fiber liquid-phase microextraction and liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry

Sharon Yong, Yizhao Chen, Tong Kooi Lee, Hian Kee Lee

Human finger-prick induced pluripotent stem cells facilitate the development of stem cell banking

Tan, H.K., Toh, C.X.D., Ma, D., Yang, B., Liu, T.M., Lu, J., Wong, C.W., Tan, T.K., Li, H., Syn, C., Tan, E.L., Lim, B., Lim, Y.P., Cook, S., and Loh, Y.H.

First reported case of ethyl chloride abuse in Singapore 

Hsiao Tung Leong, Yi Ju Yao

Synthesis of γ-hydroxybutyric acid sodium salt (NaGHB) from health-supplements containing γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

Pang Shih Yun, Siva Balan S/O Nadan, Chan Kee Bian, Wendy Lim Jong Lee, Dr Ong Mei Ching, Dr Romelo Bandian Gibe, Dr. Angeline Yap Tiong Whei.

Introduction of legislation for the control of new psychoactive substances in Singapore

Dr Ong Mei Ching, Wendy Lim Jong Lee, Dr Angeline Yap Tiong Whei

Screening of synthetic PDE-5 inhibitors and their analogues as adulterants: Analytical techniques and challenges

Dhavalkumar Narendrabhai Patel, Lin Li,  Min-Yong Low,  Xiaowei Ge, Chee Leong Kee, Hwee-Ling Koh

Structural elucidation of a new sildenafil analogue using high-resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometry

Chee-Leong Kee, Xiaowei Ge, Min-Yong Low, Hwee-Ling Koh

Evaluation of triple stage mass spectrometry as a robust and accurate diagnostic tool for determination of free cordycepin in designer egg.

Chen YH, Lim C W, Chan S H

Speciation and determination of inorganic arsenic in rice using liquid chromatography-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Ukena T, Matsumoto E, Nishimura T, Chan SH, Lee CA, Rojanapantip L, Mayteeyonpiriya N, Suthilucksanavanish K, Yamada Y

Health Products Regulation Group

Title of Paper


Characterization of adverse reaction reports associated with adulterated health products: Analysis of Singapore pharmacovigilance database from 1993 to 2012.

W.C. Tan, Y.K. Puah, M.Y. Tham, B.Tan, S.H. Tan, S. Soh, D.Toh.

The Importance of Ethnicity Definitions and Pharmacogenomics in Ethnobridging. Pharmacogenomics: Challenges and Opportunities in Therapeutic Implementation.

Elsa Haniffah Mejia Mohamed, Lou Huei-xin, Jalene Poh, Dorothy Toh, Edmund Lee.

Singapore Pharmacogenomics Portal: A web resource for evaluating human genetic variations at genes responsible for drug responses

Lai-Ping Wong, Wan-Ting Poh, Sze-Ling Chan, Liesbet L. Tan, Dorothy S-L Toh, Kee-Seng Chia, Cynthia Sung, Yik-Ying Teo

Building Pharmacogenetics into a Pharmacovigilance Program in Singapore: Using Serious Skin Rash as a Pilot Study.

Dorothy Toh, Liesbet Tan, Derrick Aw, Shiu Ming Pang, Shih Hui Lim, T. Thirumoorthy, et al.

Linking Pharmacovigilance with pharmacogenetics to improve patient safety: the HSA experience

Pharmacogenetics Team, Vigilance Branch

Research Projects

Apr 2013 to Mar 2014

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Blood Services Group

Title of Research Project Principal Investigator(s)
Prospective study of dengue seroepidemiology among adults in Singapore, 2013-2014.
Diana Teo, Sally Lam (HSA), Ng Lee Ching (NEA), Tan Li Kiang (NEA), Low Swee Ling (NEA), Yung Chee Fu (TTSH)

Applied Sciences Group

Title of Research Project Principal Investigator(s)
Prospective Analytical tools for the accurate determination of free and masked mycotoxins in beer: A method validation study comparing MS3 and FI/MS fingerprinting strategies achieved via statistical modelling pathway
Joanne Chan Sheot Harn, Jeff Lim
Investigation on the co-occurance of multi-mycotoxins in herbal tea and medicinal plants using LC/MS/MS technique
Joanne Chan Sheot Harn, Jeff Lim, Lee Lin Min, What Cheng Har