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This application is a service of the Singapore Government.

Health Sciences Authority




CorpPass Implementation

  • CorpPass has been implemented for HSA E-Services in PRISM/MEDICS from 2 May 2017.
  • "CorpPass" will be the required login method by December 2017. Please register for "CorpPass" soon if your company has not already done so.
  • To learn more about this single corporate digital identity for businesses to transact with government agencies online, you may like to attend one of the briefing sessions organised by the CorpPass team by registering here.
  • More information can be found at

Note: SingPass and CorpPass will not be available from 17 Nov 2017, from 9:00pm to 18 Nov 2017, 6:30am. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Click here to view the HSA e-Services system downtime schedule.

Health Products Regulation


e-Service Description
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Information System (PRISM) prism@hsa gives users the convenience of carrying out transactions with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and searching for related information online
Medical Device Information & Communication System (MEDICS) medics@hsa gives companies dealing with medical devices the convenience of carrying out transactions with the Medical Device Branch and viewing device information online
Client Registration and Identification Service Apply for a CRIS account to carry out electronic transactions with HSA
HSA PIN For individuals not eligible for Singpass seeking to access HSA’s e-Services
Application form for Interbank GIRO Arrange for interbank GIRO payment to carry out electronic transactions with HSA
Health Product Enquiry Form Find out the product classification of your product
Online Information Search (Infosearch) Online Search on various health products, licence-related products, pharmacies, tobacco retail outlets, as well as illegal products that are found in Singapore.

e-Services and Forms by Branch

Branch Description
Therapeutic Products To access PRISM for transactions related to licensing of therapeutic products (drugs and biologicals) and relevant forms.
Medical Devices To access MEDICS for transactions related to the licensing of medical devices and relevant forms.
Chinese Proprietary Medicines To access PRISM for transactions related to licensing of Chinese Proprietary Medicines and relevant forms.
Cosmetic Products To access PRISM for transactions related to Cosmetic products, Oral dental gums as well as relevant forms.
Safety Information and Product Recalls Reporting adverse events to HSA
Clinical Trials To access PRISM for transactions related to clinical trial applications and relevant forms.
Manufacturing, Importation & Distribution To access PRISM for transactions for transactions related to licensing and certification of manufacturers, importers, wholesale dealers and exporters and pharmacies, as well as relevant forms.
Medical Advertisements & Sales Promotion To access PRISM for transactions related to medical advertisement and sales promotion permits.
Tobacco Products To access the Online Business Licensing System (OBLS) and PRISM for transactions related to tobacco business licences and relevant forms.

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Blood Services

e-Service Description
E-Appointment To make an e-Appointment for Blood Donation
Parental Consent Form Consent form for blood donors who are from 16 to 17 years old
Guarantor’s Undertaking for Foreign Donor For foreign donor using a fixed Singapore address of a Singapore citizen or permanent resident who is willing to act as point of contact for blood donor

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Applied Sciences

e-Service Description
Forensic Biology For request and consent form to conduct parentage testing.
Food Safety For sending sample(s) to HSA’s Food Safety Division (FSD) for analysis
Forensic Medicine Application form for Autopsy / Toxicology-related report
Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Tobacco Testing services from HSA’s Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Cigarette Laboratory.

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