Updates on reclassified medicines


The following forensic classifications describe the three levels of access controls for therapeutic products in Singapore:

  • Prescription Only Medicines (POM): A therapeutic product that can only be obtained from a doctor or a dentist, or from a pharmacist with a prescription from a doctor or a dentist. The condition to be treated needs to be diagnosed and treated by a doctor. It can also have serious side effects which require a doctor's monitoring or follow up.
  • Pharmacy Only Medicines (P)*: A therapeutic product that can be obtained from a pharmacist at a retail pharmacy. The condition is self-limiting and can be assessed and treated by pharmacists.
  • General Sale List (GSL): A therapeutic product that can be freely obtained from any retailer. It can be used safely by the public without medical supervision and intended for short term self-treatment only.

*To ensure adequate safeguard for proper use of medicines, pharmacists are legally required to keep record when dispensing a medicine over-the-counter (OTC). Members of public can facilitate this process by providing the following details when purchasing a medicine from your pharmacist:

  • Name
  • NRIC/FIN (click here for more info on laws requiring collection of NRIC number)
  • Contact details (address/contact number/email)

The following table lists the medicines that have been recently reclassified by us.

Use the Infosearch to determine the updated registration status and forensic classification of specific products

Product namePrevious classification Classification Reclassification date
Resinsodio (sodium polystyrene sulfonate) Powder 4.95g/5gGSLPOM2024/05/16
Strepsils (flurbiprofen) Max Pro Direct Spray 8.75mg per dosePGSL2024/03/19
Calcium Folinate Injection 10mg/mlGSLPOM2024/02/27
Actein (acetylcysteine) Granules 200mg/sachet PGSL 2024/02/05
JAMP Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate Powder for Suspension 1g/gGSLPOM 2024/01/31 
PMS-Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate Powder for Suspension 94.3mg/g and Suspension 15g/60ml
Acetylcysteine Sandoz Effervescent Tablets 600mgPGSL 2024/01/26
Difflam For Children Throat SprayPGSL2023/03/09
Plasma-Lyte A InjectionGSLPOM 2023/07/03
Panadol (paracetemol/pseudoephedrine HCl)Cold Relief PSE Caplet GSL P2022/02/28
Robitussin (guaiphenesin/pseudoephedrine HCl) PS Syrup GSL 2022/02/28 
Difflam-C Anti-inflammatory Antiseptic Solution GSL2021/10/01
Duro-tuss (bromhexine) Chesty Cough Liquid 12mg/15mlGSL 2021/07/05 
Promesec (omeprazole) Gastro-resistant capsules (Pharmacy only) 20mg (SIN16251P )N.A. P2021/06/28
Strepsils (flurbiprofen) Maxpro Honey and Lemon lozengesPGSL2020/12/18
Xyzal (levocetirizine) Tablet 5mgPPOM 2020/10/14
Bifen (ibuprofen) suspension 100mg/5mlGSL 2020/01/02
Derm-aid (hydrocortisone) 0.5% creamPGSL 2019/09/13 
Egocort (hydrocortisone) 1% creamPGSL 2019/08/14
Brufen (ibuprofen) suspension (20mg/ml)POMGSL 2019/07/22
Zenpro (omeprazole) 20mg (OTC) (SIN15725P)N.A.2019/06/25
Difflam (benzydamine) Anti-bacterial lozengesPGSL2019/03/12
Allerzal (levocetirizine) F.C Tablet 5mgPOMP2019/01/17
Levozine (levocetirizine) F.C Tablet 5mgPOMP2019/01/17
Mucosolvan (ambroxol) 24 hours capsule 75mg, tablet 30mg and liquid 30mg/5mlPGSL2018/07/23
Fastum (ketoprofen) gel max 2.5% N.A. GSL 2018/07/11
Mucolix (bromhexine) elixir 4mg/5ml P GSL 2018/06/21
Ibufen (ibuprofen) tablets 200mg POM P 2018/04/04
Strepsils (ambroxol) chesty cough lozenge P GSL 2018/03/01
Maxigesic (paracetamol/ibuprofen) 500/150mg tabletPOM GSL 2018/02/01 
Zyrtec-R (cetirizine) oral solution 1mg/ml N.A. GSL 2018/02/27


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