Amend a retail pharmacy licence

You must submit an amendment application for changes to your approved licence such as company or applicant details and scope of activities.

Amendment to company or applicant details

You may amend your company's information in order to change particulars such as company name and address, provided there is no change to the company's Unique Entity Number (UEN). For change in UEN, you will need to apply for a new CRIS account and thereafter submit a new application.

You may also amend the applicant's details for licences and applications, such as name and contact details.

Note: Amendments to company or applicant details will affect all registrations and licences your company has with us. There are no fees for such amendments.

Amendment to licence details

An amendment application has to be submitted when there are changes to your approved licence details, such as for scope of activities and premises.

Documents required

Amendments requiring site inspection

Site inspections may be conducted by us for certain amendments, such as:

Type of change Documents required
Change in the layout or infrastructure of the retail pharmacy.

An example is a change in the pharmacy dispensing counter from one corner of the shop unit to another corner without changing the address of the retail pharmacy.
Revised pharmacy store layout plan

Pharmacy’s address and dimension should be clearly indicated in the pharmacy layout plan. Additionally, the pharmacy layout plan should specify the dispensing counter, general sales areas, area for storing Prescription-only medicines (POM) or Pharmacy-only medicines (P), and other ancillary areas.
Addition of warehouse for storage of therapeutic products or poisons Warehouse layout plan

Warehouse’s address and dimension should be clearly indicated in the layout plan.
Addition of telepharmacy services.
Telepharmacy Declaration Form

This should be signed and dated by the PIC for the provision of telepharmacy for supply of Pharmacy-only medicines (P).
Addition of compounding services for retail supply Company's Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) pertaining to compounding activities.
Inclusion of additional activities or services as secured box for self collection, home delivery and any other special mode of supply of POM and P Company's SOPs pertaining to the respective activities.

SOPs describing the scope, process and quality assurance to ensure that quality and security of the products are ensured through the supply chain.

Amendments not requiring site inspection

The following amendments do not require site inspections:

Type of change Documents required
Change of pharmacist-in-charge (PIC) Pharmacist Practising Certificate

This should be a valid and active practising certificate for the appointed PIC.
Change of pharmacy name No document required for submission
Deletion of existing warehouse No document required for submission

Cessation of additional services or activities, such as:

  • Telepharmacy services.
  • Compounding services.
  • Secured box for self-collection, home delivery and any other special mode of supply of POM and P.
No document required for submission

Note: While these amendments generally do not require site inspection, there may be cases where we may still conduct one if it is deemed necessary.

Fees and turn-around-time

Refer to therapeutic product fees and turn-around-time for more information.

How to apply

Submit your application through PRISM. Ensure you have the following before you access the e-service:

If you encounter technical issues, e-mail the HSA helpdesk or call 6776 0168 (from 7.00 am to midnight daily).

Refer to our guide on an Amendment Application for Pharmacy Licence1080 KB for more details when making an amendment application.