Supply of medicines​ via vending machine

Understand the regulations and requirements before using vending machines to supply therapeutic products (TPs). TPs are classified as General Sale List medicines, Pharmacy Only Medicines (P) and Prescription Only Medicines (POM).

What are Prescription Only Medicines (POM) and Pharmacy Only Medicines (P)

Prescription Only medicines (POM) are registered therapeutic products that can only be supplied by a doctor or by a pharmacist according to a prescription issued by a doctor.
Pharmacy Only medicines (P) are registered therapeutic products that can be supplied by or under the supervision of a pharmacist at or from a licensed retail pharmacy.


What are General Sale List medicines

General Sale List (GSL) medicines are health products that can be sold freely by any retailer without restriction on person and premises in which the supply can be made. GSL are generally deemed to be reasonably safe to be used by the public for minor ailments without medical supervision. GSL medicines will include:

  • Therapeutic products which are classified as GSL medicines
  • Chinese proprietary medicines
  • Traditional medicines
  • Homoeopathic medicines
  • Quasi-medicinal product
  • Medicated oils and balms

Supply of medicines via vending machines

Medicines supplied via a vending machine must meet the following conditions:

  1. For GSL medicines:

    The supply of GSL medicines through a vending machine does not need to be licensed by HSA. However, they must comply with the requirements described in the Guidance Notes on Supply of Registered General Sales List (GSL) Therapeutic Products and other medicinal products via automatic vending machines.

  2. For P and POM:

    The supply of these medicines through a vending machine is a retail pharmacy service which is subject to licensing by HSA.

    The products supplied through vending machines must comply with the requirements described in the Guidance Notes on Retail Supply of Registered Therapeutic Products (Pharmacy Only medicines and Prescription-Only medicines) via vending machines.