Cancel tobacco retail licence

Find out how to cancel your tobacco retail licence.

When to cancel

You may cancel your tobacco retail licence if you do not wish to continue in the tobacco retail business.

Refund eligibility

You can get a refund for your tobacco retail licence fee only when both of the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The licence is valid for at least three full remaining months.
  2. You are cancelling the licence because:
    • The licensee outlet is in a building which is being upgraded or renovated (by an external party that is not initiated by the licensee).
    • The licensee has passed away.
    • The renewed licence has not taken effect.

A $60 application fee is chargeable for the cancellation of a renewed licence before it comes into effect.

You will need to provide one of the following relevant documents to claim the refund:

  • National Environment Agency or Housing Development Board upgrading or renovation letter.
  • Death certificate of licensee.

How to cancel

You can cancel your tobacco retail licence online through the 24-hour GoBusiness Licensing website. Ensure you have your SingPass (e.g. hawkers) or CorpPass / SingPass (Business User) credentials before you access the system.