Free Sale Certificate (Certificate for Exporter of Chinese Proprietary Medicines)

Find out how to request for a Certificate for Exporter of Chinese Proprietary Medicines.


Some importing countries may require a certificate to show that a Chinese Proprietary Medicine (CPM) is approved for sale and distribution in Singapore.

To assist in such scenarios, companies may apply for a Certificate for Exporter of CPM, also known as a Free Sale Certificate.

Each certificate is specific to one product and allow the inclusion of up to five importing countries. 

Documents required

You will need to submit the following documents:

  • Latest local sales invoice, if applicable.
  • Master formula and manufacturing procedure of product (applicable for local manufacturers).
  • Other supporting documents, if applicable.

Fees and turnaround time

Refer to Chinese Proprietary Medicine fees and turnaround time for more information.


How to apply

Submit your application through PRISM. Ensure you have the following before you access the e-service:

If you encounter technical issues, e-mail the HSA helpdesk or call 6776 0168 (from 7.00 am to midnight daily).