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Import for re-export of Chinese Proprietary Medicines

Find out how to apply for the permit to import for re-export of Chinese Proprietary Medicines.


You are required to obtain an approval for the permit to import for re-export of Chinese Proprietary Medicines (CPM).

You may be exempted from product listing and dealer's licensing if you are importing CPM solely for the purpose of re-export to another country, and the imported CPM is not supplied to the Singapore market.

Application requirements

Dealers must apply for an approval to import CPM products solely for the purpose of re-export, at least one week before the import. You will need to submit the following information in the online form:

  • Company details.
  • Applicant's details.
  • CPM product details.

You must also ensure that:

  • CPM products are directly and completely exported in their original packaging within one year from the date of importation.
  • Ensure that we are notified of the re-export within 7 days with documentary evidence.
  • CPM products are not sold, supplied or disposed of in Singapore.
  • Records are maintained for 2 years from the date of the last transaction.

Documents required

The following supporting documents are to be scanned or attached to the application:

  • Product formula (to attach for all products).
  • Invoice of consignment.

How to apply

Submit your application through PRISM. Ensure you have the following before you access the e-service:

If you encounter technical issues, e-mail the HSA helpdesk or call 6776 0168 (from 7.00 am to midnight daily).