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Bringing personal medical devices into Singapore

Find out the requirements for bringing in medical devices when travelling to Singapore.

Requirements for personal import of medical devices

You will need to apply for an approval from us before bringing a medical device into Singapore for personal use.

This does not include devices which are already in use when you arrive, such as implanted devices or those already in contact with your skin or eyes. Each approval allows you to import a maximum quantity of 3 months' supply.

Individuals who needs to import "Professional-Use Only"* medical devices for their personal use are required to produce a letter from a doctor or a dentist confirming and justifying such need.

*NOTE: Professional-Use Only medical device, means a medical device that is to be used on an individual solely by, or under the supervision of, a doctor or dentist.

Medical devices not allowed through personal import

You are not allowed to bring in the following medical devices through personal import:

  • HIV test kits.
  • Medical devices with radiation such as X-Rays, lasers, ultrasound, which are subjected to controls by the National Environment Agency.
  • Multiple shipments of the same medical devices within 3 months, or information related to the import that may indicate that the supply is not intended for personal use.

Transit in Singapore

You do not need an approval from us for your medical device if you are only staying within the transit zones during your transit in Singapore.

Requirements from other regulatory agencies

We do not regulate products used on animals, as well as those presented in the form of food and beverage, such as biscuits, cookies, coffee, juice. Refer to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) for regulations on bringing in such products.

All goods entering Singapore's borders are also regulated by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Refer to their website for more information on these regulations.

How to Submit

Please submit your personal import application for medical devices using the form in the URL below:


Alternatively, you may download a copy of the application form here and submit via email.

Application approval

Each application will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. Please ensure that you apply at least 10 working days before your expected arrival in Singapore. You are not allowed to sell or give away medical devices to people apart from family members that the products were initially intended for. Those caught doing so can be prosecuted under Singapore law.

Note: Please obtain the necessary approvals for the import of medical devices for personal use, before commencing travel. You are not required to declare your medical devices on your arrival in Singapore.

However, as customs officers may perform routine checks, please have all the supporting documents and the approved acknowledgement email for the import of medical devices for personal use, ready with you for inspection when requested. The documents should be kept with you throughout your stay in Singapore and kindly bring the medical devices with you when you leave Singapore.