Renew or cancel a medical device dealer's licence

Renew your dealer's licence on time to continue dealing in medical devices in Singapore.

Renew a licence

A dealer's licence is valid for 12 months from the date of approval. If you are on GIRO and have opted in for the auto-renewal scheme, the dealer's licence will be auto renewed after successful GIRO fee payment. Otherwise, you will need to renew it manually.

A licence not renewed on time becomes invalid. Once expired, you will need to apply for a new licence before you can continue dealing.


When to renew
  • GIRO (application form227 KB): auto-renewal activated 30 days before licence expiry
  • Manual renewal: 60 days before licence expiry
Payment modes

Refer to medical device fees for more information.

How to renew

Before you renew, ensure that your licence and company information are updated.

Auto-renew by GIRO (recommended)

Auto-renewal of licences is only available via GIRO (application form227 KB).

If you wish to apply for GIRO, do so at least 60 days before your licence expiry to ensure that your first GIRO deduction is in time for your licence renewal. GIRO deductions are made 30 days before licence expiry, therefore if your GIRO application is not in time for this, submit a manual renewal first to ensure timely renewal of your licence.

Note: Ensure you have a sufficient balance in your GIRO account at least 45 days before the licence expires. Insufficient funds may lead to an unsuccessful renewal of your licence.

Renew manually

Manual renewal

60 days before expiry

Your company is encouraged to opt for GIRO (application form227 KB) for the convenience of auto-renewal of licences.

If you don't have GIRO, you will need to renew your licence manually:

  1. You will receive two renewal notifications by email before your licence expires.
  2. You can renew your licence in MEDICS 60 days before, and no later than 10 days from, the date of expiry.
  3. Pay the renewal fee.

Note: If you hold multiple licences, you will need to renew each one separately

Cancel a licence

You may choose to cancel an existing licence if your company does not require it anymore. You can do so via MEDICS.

Fees paid are non-refundable. Therefore, if you are on the GIRO auto-renewal scheme, please cancel your licence early and before your next GIRO deduction, which occurs 30 days from your licence expiry date.