Submit application for approval to bring in personal medications

You will need an approval from HSA to bring in certain personal medications into Singapore.

You might need to bring in medication for your own or your family members’ personal use (personal import), when travelling into Singapore. Not all personal import requires an approval from HSA.

Prohibited items such as cannabis, and chewing gums are NOT ALLOWED in Singapore at any time, even when you are just transiting in Singapore without clearing the Singapore Immigration.

You DO NOT need to apply for an approval for bringing other personal medications if:

  • You are bringing in less than 3-months supply of personal medications AND
  • Your personal medications DO NOT contain any controlled drugs, psychotropic substances or prohibited items.
Before you begin:

If you require an approval for your personal medication, you should apply at least 2 weeks before your arrival. The application form must be completed in English only.

To apply, you will need to prepare a clear image (in PDF and/or JPG formats only) of your:

1. Pharmacy dispensing labels and/or doctor’s prescription indicating:

  • Particulars of the patient and prescriber
  • Name and strength of medicine
  • Prescribed dosage and total quantities prescribed

2. Photographs of the product showing the name, active ingredient(s), strength/concentration, quantity (e.g. volume), dosage form and direction for use.

3. If you are bringing in more than 3 month's supply, please also submit documents to substantiate the need for more than 3-month supply (e.g. School acceptance letter, work permit, dependent pass, In Principle Approval (IPA), onward travel document).


Note: As Customs Officers may perform checks, please have the approval and all supporting documents ready with you for inspection upon request.