Make a report

Spotted someone selling illegal health products? Contact HSA!

HSA views the general public as a valued partner whose support is important in our efforts to combat illegal health products. We encourage members of the public to report suspicious sales involving such products to our Enforcement Branch at Tel: 6866-3485 or email:

Reporting of Possible Offences  

We seek your understanding that we are not able to act on incomplete or unclear information. Hence, we appreciate if you could identify yourself and provide your contact details when giving information on possible offences, to enable us to follow up on the information provided. Your identity and any information will be kept confidential.

What Happens After Your Feedback is Received?

Your feedback will be recorded and assessed to determine the most appropriate course of action. To maintain the integrity of investigations, we will not be able to update you on the status, investigation process and outcomes of the feedback or complaint.

Feedback on Overseas-based Websites Offering Health Products

Online sales platforms that are located overseas fall outside the control of HSA. While we are unable to exercise enforcement jurisdiction over them, we do alert and seek the assistance of our foreign counterparts to take the appropriate action.