Update or cancel notification

Find out how to update or cancel a notification after it has already been submitted.

Update notification

You may update the following details after the notification is submitted: 

  • For changes in the name or address of company (no change in Unique Entity Number (UEN)) and without change of distribution rights, the company can effect the change via “amend company information" under amend@PRISM
  • For change in applicant's details (e.g. change in email address), the company can effect the change via "amend applicant's details for licences, registration and notifications" under  amend@PRISM.
  • For updating of manufacturer's details, the company can update the information via "update of manufacturer's details" under amend@PRISM.

Amendments to notification are not allowed for the following changes:

  • Brand name
  • Product name
  • Product type
  • Company change of distribution rights

For these changes, you will need to cancel your notification and submit a new one. No refund will be provided for any cancellation of notification.

Cancel notification

You should also cancel your product notification if you are no longer selling the product.

Need help? Refer to our step-by-step guide on notification procedures