Amend or cancel product listing

You must submit an amendment application for changes to your approved product listing such as company or applicant details and product details. You may also choose to cancel an existing CPM product listing.

Amendment to company or applicant details

You may amend your company's information in order to change particulars such as company name and address, provided there is no change to the company's Unique Entity Number (UEN). For change in UEN, you will need to apply for a new CRIS account and thereafter submit a new application.

You may also amend the applicant's details for licences and applications, such as name and contact details.

Note: Amendments to company or applicant details will affect all registrations and licences your company has with us. There are no fees for such amendments.

Amendment to product details

An amendment application has to be submitted when there are changes to your approved product listing, such as additional pack size or change in batch numbering system.



The turn-around-time for product listing amendment applications is 60 working days, excluding the time taken by you to respond to our request for clarification or additional information (applicant's stop-clock).

Amendment process

Process Description
Step 1: Verification A CPM amendment application is submitted to HSA and the Verification Officer (VO) screens the application form and supporting documents pertaining to your indicated amendments. If irregularities are found, the VO would raise Input Requests to seek your clarification. If the amendment application is found to be generally complete at this initial stage, the VO would submit it for evaluation.
Step 2: Evaluation The Evaluation Officer (EO) evaluates the technical and administrative aspects of the amendment application, and raises Input Requests where necessary, before recommending the amendment for approval or rejection.
Step 3: Regulatory decision The Approving Officer (AO) assesses the recommendation by the EO against the information submitted in the application and formally issues the approval or rejection notification to you. The AO could also request for further clarification by sending the application back to the EO, who would then raise an Input Request to you accordingly. When you resubmit the application, the process from Step 2 to 3 is repeated, until the AO issues the final regulatory outcome.

Note: We strive to meet the turn-around-time for all submitted applications. You should ensure that the applications and replies to Input Requests are complete before submission, to prevent unnecessary delays to the processing due to incomplete information and untimely responses.

Cancellation of a product listing

You may choose to cancel an existing product listing if your company does not require it anymore.

How to apply

Submit your application through PRISM. Ensure you have the following before you access the e-service:

If you encounter technical issues, e-mail the HSA helpdesk or call 6776 0168 (from 7.00 am to midnight daily).