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Fees and turnaround time of poisons

Here is the list of fees and turn-around-time to help you with your poisons transactions.


Licence fees Fee
Application for Form A Poisons Licence (FAPL) $268
Licence fee of FAPL for the first year $103
Licence fee of FAPL for each subsequent year $371
Amend FAPL $36


  • Currently, the chargeable fee for pharmacist applicants is waived.
  • Licences are valid for 12 months from the date when the principal FAPL is approved. The validity of the secondary licence holder’s FAPL is subject to the validity of the principal FAPL.
  • Turn-around-time is 10 working days from the date of audit close out.
  • Turn-around-time excludes the time taken for you to respond to our requests for clarification or additional information ("applicant's stop-clock").

Payment modes