Fees and turnaround time of poisons

Here is the list of fees and turn-around-time to help you with your poisons transactions.


Licence fees Fee
Application for Form A Poisons Licence (FAPL) $276
Licence fee of FAPL(1 year validity) $106
Amend FAPL $37


  • Application fee and licence fee for FAPL are both payable for each year of issue.
  • Licences are valid for  1 year (12 months) from the date when the principal FAPL is approved. The validity of the secondary licence holder’s FAPL is subject to the validity of the principal FAPL.
  • Currently, the chargeable fee for pharmacist applicants is waived.
  • Turn-around-time is 10 working days from the date of audit close out.
  • Turn-around-time excludes the time taken for you to respond to our requests for clarification or additional information ("applicant's stop-clock").

Payment modes