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Client Registration and Identification Service (CRIS)

Authorise employees or service providers to access PRISM and MEDICS on your behalf.





A new CRIS Account application has to be made by the company Corppass Administrator. A Corppass administrator is someone appointed by the company or business entity to manage the company’s Corppass and User Accounts. Before applying for a CRIS account, please ensure that you have registered for a valid company Corppass account, foreign companies holding Corppass accounts for Foreign Entities are not eligible to apply for a CRIS account. Third Party Entities and Users could be authorised via Corppass for access to your company's e-service accounts. Refer to the Corppass website for more information.

To manage the company CRIS Account, at least one CRIS Administrator has to be appointed. The company CRIS Administrator will be responsible for setting user accounts to transact online with HSA. User accounts may be authorised as "drafters" to draft applications, or "submitters" to draft and submit applications.

These user accounts will have to access PRISM or MEDICS using Corppass .

Apply for new CRIS Account


Manage CRIS Administrator Account


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Enquiries on CRIS

E-mail us for all enquiries on CRIS.